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Aug 14 1838
In care of (c/o)
To: Margarette B. Lerned McQuesten Brockport N.Y.
From: Charles H. Palmer Fredonia N.Y.

August 14, 1838

My Dear Friend

I have been absent from Fredonia nearly two weeks and on that account did not [?] your letter till that time after it was written- have been away on business school went on as usual during my absence we have had about 80 students this term- 33 young ladies- I have convened with the Masters respecting employing C- They are not much in favor of a music teacher- I think however that we shall resist once next spring and if C. should then wish to engage I would do all I could to obtain her the situation and make it pleasant for her- The seminary closes today- We cannot tell whether it will commence again- We have had the quarter part of the young ladies- They have not done much with their music teacher. If the dimming should stop we should entirely want C. in the spring-

Cannot C. accept Mr. B's offer for a short time and if we should be able hereafter to give her a little situation she might then come out here-

School will close a week from next Thursday shall envision her devising [?] or go east- If I should not come and see you shall write you a good long letter- was happy to hear from you- here had a great deal to do this time- every thing goes on pleasant- have a good male assistant- first [?]- he will stay with me- Miss Alpham continues to be liked- is a great teacher- Think we shall enlist C. in the spring- I think you must be quite happy with your boy I did think he was hardwon when I saw him- must not think too much of him- shall certainly with to you and the Dr. in auction a cow and see you- I would not have the Dr. be at any trouble about that may write me as soon as C. decides- It is so late I think not but to write to C- I have bought the former principal's house- bought it because I could get it very cheap- My business [?] was to [?] funds- I have got the newest place in Fredonia- have no wife to put on it- shall wait two or three years yet- I write in great haste- I still think this is my pliant plea- you will have to get the Dr. to help you end this-

Yours with great esteem
Charles H. Palmer

Mrs. McQuesten

[Address on Cover]
Mrs. M.B. McQuesten
Care of Dr. McQuesten
Brockport N.Y.

1 To learn more about Margarette Barker Lerned [McQuesten] please see W0609.

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