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Aug 22 1838
To: Margarette B. Lerned McQuesten Brockport New York
From: John Woods Newport New Hampshire

Aug. 22nd 38

Dear Cousin Margaret [sic]

It is with great pleasure, I assure you, that sit down to write to one whom I have so often addressed with the fine appellation of Cousin. And when I think of you I cannot but recall to mind some of the scenes in which you were an important actor- but years have rolled away and those happy times are anchored amongst things that were. I use the receipt of your letter (wh. came duly to hand) I have often tried to recall the last time that I saw you, and I can think of no other time than when you took your leave of us at Warner after spending some time with us- That's a time I never can forget- That is all I remember of "Cousin Margaret" [sic], but it is enough to make me think much of her as well as of her who is now sleeping under the cold sod who was then active with us in scenes of enjoyment in our childhood. You probably remember more of sister Mary's character & disposition than I do, and more of my Mother, but my early feelings are not entirely forgotten, and when I think of those who were once my acquaintances & companions, as blithe & gay as myself I cannot help feeling sad & gloomy.

But you will hardly think this a condemning letter you must excuse my melancholy reminiscences as they are inseparably connected with recollections of yourself and I will leave this strain, till another time. You are aware that I am still a member of Dart. college1 and that I am in my last year. I understand from Father and by your letters that you have made inquiries respecting the prospect for my going that way to visit. I should be exceedingly happy if I could be situated in your vicinity after I graduate, or if I could be employed three months this winter, with sufficient disbursement nothing wd. [sic] be more agreeable I assure you than a trip to Br 2 . Any information respecting such school or schools wd. [sic] be gratefully received.

I shall return to college tomorrow & shall remain there till the first of Dec. next. From that time or a little before I shall be ready to engage in teaching. I can write nothing of friends that wd. [sic] be interesting with you excepting the cousins living in town- two of Aunt Lucy Gleason's daughters live here, one of them married- they send love. Our family in ususal [sic] health- Mother rather improving. Aunt Lydia will write on the last page (W0950). Hope you will write to me soon as it wd. [sic] be very gratifying to know that I am remembered by "Cousin Margaret" [sic]. It seems as if I "had found a piece of money that I had lost," in again using a name with wh. I was so long familiar.

Accept this with the best best wishes of Cousin John.3

1 Reference to Dartmouth College, New Hampshire.

2 Reference to Brockport, New York- home of Margarette and Dr. Calvin McQuesten. To learn more about Margarette Barker Lerned [McQuesten] please see W0609.

3 For more on the Woods's see W6336.

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