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[Written on envelope wrapper:] single

W0955 TO MARGARETTE [LERNED] MCQUESTEN from her brother Edward A.H. Lerned
Dec 1 1838 Saturday1
To: Margarette (Lerned) McQuesten, Brockport, N.Y.
From: Hopkinton, N.H.

Mrs. M.B. [Margarette Barker (Lerned)] McQuesten

Having need of a certificate to prove the time I have studyed [sic] with a regular practitioner (in case I should wish to graduate) I thought I would write for one. I began study Oct. 13th 1835 & closed when I left for Canada on Monday 19th of March 1838. I should like to have the Dr. send the certificate in a letter so that it can be used if needed. He can include the time in the certificate I was in Canada if he thinks best as I had my books with me & studyed most of the time or as much as at B. [Brockport] nearly. The time is from 19th March 1838 to May 4th 1838. I read a letter of yours to Louisa a few days since & was rejoiced to hear some particulars of the new Episcopal church at B. I had previously heard Mr. Chase speak of it. When E. Ballard was here last summer he said there would probably be on established there & another at Lockport. [Cressy?] is the new pastor there. He studyed for College here & I believe you know him. I should like to know how the child flourishes & who that I know attends.


[?] Stocton an old or new school man [sic] & how is he liked? Who is the Episcopalian Minister? I have heard Mr. Chase speak of him but have forgot his name. I believe he was a clafs [class] mate of Crefsy[']s?2 How is the state of Religion in our church. Do proffessors [sic] still slumber, do christians [sic] not raise the warning voice to the impenitent who are madly rushing onward to their ruin? oh! when I behold the coldnefs [sic] of my own heart & the apathy of christians in this place & then refer to the double darknefs [sic] that rested on our church & on my path, my heart bleeds within me & I pour out my soul in prayer that I might be freed more from this body of sin, that christians might awake & call loudly on the sinner & strive & fight manfully the battle of the Lords. The Lord is to all appearance pouring out His Spirit on this place & its inhabitants & christians are putting on the panoply of God. Sinners tremble & are in anguish & the strong holds of Satan are shaken & his iron doors begin to yield & soon must Christianity triumph. We are exalted to Heaven in point of Religious priviledges [sic]. Mr. Grant a great revivallist [sic] & disciple of [Birchard?] has been here & held meetings for four whole weeks in the Baptist church it is hoped that much good has been done. Hundreds were anxious, many have been constructed & too early some have been Baptised. I will mention some of them you know. Louisa Smith, Mary, Joseph, & Philip Brown. I attended part of the meetings, as many as consistent with my studies & riding. They had meetings continually from sun rise to nine in the eve. In his last discourse he preached on close [communion?] & baptism & I did not go to hear them. He is an ignorant man & brought from the plough to the pulpit still I think he has done much good. I did not agree with him in some of his doctrines. The shorter catechism is too firmly rooted on my mind he did not hide himself enough behind the Crofs [Cross] & [then preach?] Christ & Jesus crucified. He took too much power to himself & did not attribute it all to God. He made as bad work of the "wedding garment" as Mr. Elliot did when the Dr. heard. Capt. [Knowlton?] also was baptised & gives I think most evidence of true [conversion?]. As soon as the Baptist meetings closed the Congregationalists began & continued their meetings [one?] week. Mr. [Bonton?] of Concord & Mr. Tracy of Boscawen were the principal preachers. The same results followed this meeting only there was not so much excitement & things were more to my liking. "Oh! who art thou that judgest others!" I may have erred in speaking as I have of Mr. Grant & his doctrine but God forgive me if I have wandered from the path of duty in word or deed. God has blessed the efforts of the meeting & [?] Gregg Mr. John Gage & wife widow Bailey's daughter & many others are hopefully converted. We have had in our church meetings every eve for four weeks at the private houses. We have had two at our house. Mr. Chase is very much engaged & all his society & many profefs & give good evidence of piety. Elisabeth Chase, Mrs. Sanborn, Doct. Tyler & wife sister Hannah & others are among this number. There is a Spirit of Solemnity reigning [over?] our whole church & all are anxious & engaged & are labouring for the salvations of Souls [?] Chase is anxious & has meetings at his house every Sabbath eve. They have meetings now also in the baptist & congregational societies every eve & the Lord seems to be at [?] indeed! Tis no excitement of the passions but a deep & general attention is given [to] the subject. Mr. Gilman & Mr. [Whither?] & many others are enquiring the way to be saved. Emma Chandler Mrs. Gregg & George Currier have professed a change of heart & Barclay Currier is anxious. Revivals are now spreading all over the state & every day more & more cheering news comes to our ears. This letter was began Saturday & written as far as Mr.[?] & then Dr. Gregg came running in for me to go with him to set a leg. 'Twas Capt. Baker, he fell from his shed & broke the the [sic] tibbia [tibia] obliquely & the fibbula [fibula]3 transversely within and inch & a half of the ankle & also split that open to the Tarsal bones. He lives in the second house beyond the brick yard on the road to Concord. Twas two hours after accident before we arrived there & there we had to make all apparatus so did not reduce it for some time. At last being ready we reduced it & applied splints & bandages & inclined plane &c & remained with him till dark. Twas badly swolen [sic] & very painful. Used volatile liniment, rum & water &c externally, took blood to allay inflammation & gave Opium. Did not resume my writing again till this morn which is Monday. Yesterday I partook of the sacrament & oh with what fleelings [sic] oh! how different from my feelings when at D. I now feel my own weaknefs & dependance [sic] on God, I now love more than ever to sit at the feet of Jesus & be instructed. It seemed as though I never before felt so much the presence of my God. Oh! how solemn is the church service & with what feelings of love and devotednefs [sic] to God did I in this thought partake of the symbols of His body & blood. I could write volumes on this subject but time will not permit. Expecting soon an answer with certificate & [close?] directing this to you & wishing you to receive it from

E.Aug.H. [Edward Augustus Holyoke] Lerned

[P.S.] All the news of christianity & of religion in the societies in general in B. would please me especially in our church. I have attended a course of lectures at Hanover this fall. Mother is very much engaged in religion & her prayers are answered in His conversion.


1 "Dec. 3" is written on the envelope wrapper, but the letter itself is dated the first.

2 Edward uses both "fs" and "ss."

3 Tibia--the inner and usually larger of the two bones of the vertebrate hind limb between the knee and ankle. Fibula--the outer and usually smaller of the two bones between the knee and ankle in the hind or lower limbs of vertebrates

4 To learn more about Margarette Barker Lerned [McQuesten] please see W0609.

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