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Parts of this letter have been overwritten, making the majority of the text illegible.

W0963 TO MARGARETTE From her sister Catharine C.P. Lerned
Dec 11 1838
To: Margarette B. McQuesten Brockport, Mourse County New York
From: Catherine C.P. Lerned Hopkinton New Hampshire

Dearest Sister M-
[The first two pages are overwritten and illegible]

Wednesday Morn. Bible clafs [sic] is today then this eve- quilts & ladies attend- so constitute one thirty present. Have just heard of Mr. Grant, was imprisoned in St. for defamation of character! One of his consents (his [?]) is crazy! The Baptist Church are divided & fanaticism seems to shadow spirituality. These perfectionists think the world is to end in 1842 or that they cannot commit a sin- that they must sell all & go about doing good, & they imagine I cant will be translated! Two men, (Cotton & Gea) were here at the meetings, Mr. C. I knew; he has a wife, & no children- sold his farm- 20 cows- horses, & for a large amount - his wife is at her Fathers, & he, following Gesuits [sic]- praying & exhorting all to follow his example, & give all to the Lord. He went into Judge Chases Office, with Gea & began to addrefs [sic] the Judge- he told them to stop, but they continued, & he then put them out doors, commanding them never to enter again. Such ridiculous semblance of religion, ought to be discountenanced by the Christianity & literature of our communities - Is this the religion of Jesus, or are these his disciples!

The Sexton of the Baptist Church, has been here this morn, & says he fears the ifsue [sic] of these beginnings. Dear Brown, who reunited with the church after death. I see cause here, has turned against him, as has most of the influential members. To what extremes are we not sometimes led & more especially in religions!

Have lately painted four or five pieces- one, a sketch of our Academy- Grace Yard and Mr. Fellows residence, & Ms. B. Chase says I must take the Episcopal Church for him. I love to paint & draw, but winter is not the time for such employment. Have just expressed your letter & would soon write something about our businefs [sic].

Mr. Palmer knows nothing deffinite [sic] till spring, & spring is all but here. Hope to hear soon, that I may make preparations. Does that female teacher remain at Clarkson? As to teaching musick [sic] I am not particular, but can if they wish- Will take any [?] & when you write Mr. P. tell him, I am perfect mistrefs [sic] of the season & years; & if he'll wait till I come, will make arrangements about recopying that fine [?]. Oh! This getting married is out of the question with me; & to [?] a little-
Like a man or double businefs [sic] [?],
I stand in doubt which I stall first select
And so lose neither.

I am not [?] character, else, in this, I'd been the wife of our, or [??] or [?]. This would be boasting to thee save a sister, & Margarette. I truly endeavour to keep all such matters to myself but
[The rest of the letter is overwritten on one of the other pages and is illegible].

[Address on Cover]
Hopkinton, N.H.
Dec. 13 183/4

To: Mrs. Margarette B. McQuesten
Brockport, Mourse County, New York

1 To learn more about Margarette Barker Lerned [McQuesten] please see W0609.

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