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W0982 TO MRS. MARGARETTE B. [LERNED] MCQUESTEN from her husband Dr. Calvin McQuesten
Jun 8 1839
To: Margarette Lerned McQuesten, Hopkinton, N.H.
From: Brockport, [New York]

Dear wife,

I recv'd [sic] yours of the first to day and I can assure you if was a very great relief to my mind. My anxiety for you and my little one1 has been a burden that has weighed heavily upon me: but to know that you are safe with your friends is all that I can ask. You said that when you was gone [sic] I should know how to value you. My Dear I will own those words are true. Tell my dear boy he yet has a place in his fathers [sic] heart. Oh Margarette be a faithful mother to that child on you now devolves the duties of both parents. It is no small comfort to me that I can command you both into the hands of Him who is able to keep you from all harm. I heard from you by Mrs. Waldbrige. You had my tenderest sympathies in all your troubles on the way. I am heartily rejoiced that you found your luggage. If you had lost it you would have suffered great inconvenience and you would have lost the enjoyment of the first part of your visit.

You wanted to know where I boarded. I am yet at Mr. Brewsters I have settled with them as I expected. They have not said I may stay through the season but that they will give me a few weeks notice if they wish me to leave. In settling with Mr. Brewster I spoke of the dollar you lent him (I meant at the time you lent him $5 he paid me four). He said you was [sic] owing his wife for borrowed money and she settled with you for that dollar & also for the one you lent him the day you started. If that is so please write in same corner of your next ("that all is right") without any mention of the thing.

I have no news to write you. I believe King was married before you left.

Have done more business since you left than I did for same time before. My health has been good. Have had no turns of the head ach [sic]. Tell Calvin father has found his Dollar. I do hope you will govern him so that I shant have to lick him the first thing if I should see him again. When you write you must say something about the Charlotte and Brooks must send same way. My love to all my friends and keep such a share as you think belongs to you

C. McQuesten

1 Dr. McQuesten's son, Calvin Brooks. To learn more about Margarette Barker Lerned [McQuesten] please see W0609.

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