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W0985 TO DR. CALVIN MCQUESTEN from his wife Margarette [Lerned] McQuesten
Jul 26 1839
To: Dr. Calvin McQuesten, Hamilton, W. Canada
From: Concord, New Hampshire

My dear Husband

I have been expecting Mr. Stanley from Hop. [Hopkinton] to call for letters, which he has promised to do before he goes to Ohio. He is going to try the West once more; probably you recollect him. Shall then send by him and as this is the first week since I have written think you may wish to hear from us. I have the satisfaction to write we are both in perfect health and our dear little son as happy as he can be learning something new every day. Sister L. [Louisa] thinks he is a prodigy. You know how ardent she is where she likes and C. [Calvin Brooks] has the good fortune to be the favourite not only here, but at H. [Hopkinton]. You are often spoken of by us all. Louisa cherishes every word I believe you ever said to her. So you must know you are still remembered. Alfred is a fine little boy--he's not been well for more than a week. The other children are not very healthy. Have much of the headache. It is three weeks to night [sic] since I came to C. Have enjoyed myself much here. Say to Mrs. J. [Sweatt?] I sit under the [preaching?] of an old acquaintance of hers. [Mr. D.?] Noyes--he is very much liked here--He and wife have both called enquired particularly [from Ga. & husband?]. He has a fine [ch.?] and [an Organ?] [$2500/25.00?]--[singing?] first rate-- Mrs. Clement (C. [Homes?]) lives here--have seen her twice, it being [court?] time have not seen her so much--they having had company. [Metcalf?] among the rest--he is sound after a second wife-- Resides in Washington city--being in office to "[Malta?]"--Have seen many old acquaintances--But I would not forget to mention Mrs. Clement is expecting you to visit her when you come on for me--and some Miss--Now my dear husband when are you coming on--Mrs. Minot is expecting her husband to pass the month of September. Why cannot you come with him--and so visit Bed. [Bedford] with me. I have heard twice from B. and tho' they have not written or sent any word--yet when they are ready to receive a visit from me think they will let me know--The last I heard Mrs. M'Q. was sick--getting some better and at the time had no girl--expecting [ink smear] the next day--have not since heard how she or babe was--I do not like to go there without some word from them--& if you could come so as to stay a week or two there--one at C. & one at H. think you would enjoy it. I have sent love &c. to them twice--Mr. McAllaster from B. has been here--I shall stay here this month and if I do not hear from Sam'l [Samuel] shall go to H., again Mary is very anxious to have me--the Wedn. after I left her she had a fine little son--preserve her--and she was quite comfortable--She is expecting me to pass several weeks with her--Now my dear if I knew your plans about coming, I could arrange my visits accordingly. It appears to me unless Saml. visits or sends me some words I had better wait till you come (I think however he will)--Did you celebrate Independence at B.? We had a procession of Teachers and Sab. scholars of the different churches in this place and three addresses--very good--commenced at 8 in the morn--['At'?] Hop. They did much--600 walked in procession to a [grave?] with martial music--It was a mile in length--so that the music could not be heard at the end of the procession--There they had 4 addresses--Then walked to the church and had Lemonade & I have heard Mr. Benton on Abolitionism--He has turned round from the colonisation [sic] etc. Says Abolitionism is the only pure stream from which flows every other channel of Benevolence--He had a crowded house it was on Sabbath eve-- His [ink smear] was Religion, as evidences of Christianity connected with [ink smear]

I do not think much of walking two miles in such a place as this. Concord is very delightful indeed--Some of the new streets are very pleasant--I went into the House of Representatives several times during the session--It is the practice here for Ladies to go in when any thing interesting is going on. I hope my dear you are enjoying yourself with business if you cannot with wife and child--Think my dear, if we are spared to meet again we shall indeed be happy and have every reason to be thankful to the Father of Heavens for his preserving care--Indeed every day brings with it renewed mercies-- To think how Calvin has been spared after swallowing 11 [beans?]--fever followed a week after, but since then he has been remarkably well--they disarranged his bowel--and a high fever followed--Have not yet called in Physician--hope I shall not have to--Dr. [Chadbourne?] says it was a wonder it had not killed him. He went in the shed at Mary's to a box--when Mr. F. [Flanders] had been planting them--the girl took a mouthful out--and did not know he swallowed any--Louisa says he won't get such things here-- she is very particular-- He plays in the sand with the other children-- as boyish as you please-- he has a name now for every thing-- and has sat in a chair at the table & fed himself ever since he came to N.H.[New Hampshire] I ask him often where dear Father is? "Gone to Brock." The other day he amused me much, by his own image through the window glass. The blind was closed, and he got on the trunk--& bowed saying "how'de do--howde do"-- He was very much animated is seeing himself--He calls to a little boy opposite "George George"--yesterday he called me "Naughty Ma"-- He weighs 23 lbs-- What did he weigh at Br. have forgotten-- He is now having a long morning nap-- they are three hours long-- and he is very good natured and easy to manage-- hope he will not be spirits [sic]-- tho' he has so much tempter lately, at all times I am at a stand what to do-- He wants to be head of all the children--will [scold?] quite hard at Sarah Plat and Alfred but A. never retaliates--Mr. [Packard?] who married a Miss Kent of this place he's returned from China with [Scarlatina?]1 Dr. Gage says it is dangerous-- They came on to pass this summer. It is healthy in the village here--but Scarlet fev. is over the river--It is thought the Disentery will prevail--but I [strain?] not to distrust that Being who has hitherto preserved me-- Have you seen Mrs. M. Saddler yet? Mrs. J. Homes? Has Mrs. [B.?] returned?--

Any thing new at B.? Has Mrs. B's family enlarged? Do you continue staying there? Do you expect to have to move? and where? Does [ink blot] run [alone?] and talk any? How is Mrs. B.'s [hope?] Remember [ink blot] affect to her & husband. Has Mrs. [H.?] gone to [?] Mrs. Peat at home--how are they? Is [Mrs. Blish married?]? Do remember about the shoes for perhaps they may be Miss [Bathboro's?] I left some skirts hanging in the [?] should like you to put in red chest--also look at my cloak pellise [sic]-- give it a shake &c. We have just made a dinner of macarona [sic] soup--Calvin since that has been down to neighbor Austin's formerly of Franklin to see the Rabbits he is full of "[gabering?]"--Hope dear husband you find your things in good order--Let me know if you cannot find all-- Who does your washing? Is there not good news from Mrs. Budlong? My love to her.

Mother has not been to C. yet. Neither has Edward--Louisa thinks very strange for he was here so often last winter. Perhaps the idea that she knows his course at Br. He appeared tolerable well [sic] for him--but I think all is not right. He had many "presents" at Woodstock "Gold chain"--"finger ring"--[??] & I have heard nothing about the missed letter-- Whether it is in Dustin's hand, [burnt?] or gone to Br. I know not. Have not seen any of the family to enquire--I told them however, if it had gone on to Br. I should not feel any more towards them is I had done [sic]-- I did not want the vexation of another law suit--Cath. replied the last letter [??] [was?] that your friends had been to him--& thought it desirable it should be settled--and he thought best himself--now my dear husband--I have no confidence in much that is said--am sorry to say it. I think they blame E. for his conduct yet are too apt to believe what he says in his own favour--When I see them again shall learn something more probably-- I was decided in what I said-- Mother thought when she saw Br. Sam'l [brother Samuel] all would be right she was in hopes to get something to pay up some of his Lecture fees-- Mother spoke of the little sum due her from you according to the bond which she held in the Stocton plan which was 1.80 at a year- has her note been paid lately. It now comes to 5 dollars-- you will recollect it-- I should rather not pay it, for it takes so much for little necessary expenses-- I do not wish to get out of money. But I can do it if you think best or have it till you come on-- Now my dearest friend let me hear from you soon. Have you had the ink-[less?] yet? Shall write you again by Mr. Stanley--Calvin sends a kiss to his Father.

Believe me your truly affec. wife Margarette.

[P.S.] I broke this letter open you will perceive. What news from Canada?

8th (I sent a paper last week. Do you hear favorable from C-a? You may direct to C'd [Concord] if you please--) Monday eve. 16th Received yours [dated West Gaines?] Sent my letter to the office. Ordered it to be returned if there was one from you. Shall wait till I go to Hop. before I send an answer--Tuesday 23--Am going to Hop. to day tho' very warm indeed-- Alfred has been quite sick during the past week-- so have not done business yet. Edward called Saturday seemed much pleased with yr proposals--Said Mother went up to Dustin's evening previous--& told him yr. offer which we had informed him by writing--& he was satisfied with the profits--we are going to start now--& in the eve shall mail this after saying a word about our visit--Yesterday L. had a small [party?] Epis. & Cong. minister & their [misses?]--some others--Mrs. Fisher is coming to her sister's today. I shall stay here till you write again & do write on the next mail after this reception-- perhaps shall be at B. when you come let me know what you think about it and when you shall come-- I am not particular when only do come & stay a while, let me know how long. Our darling is very very happy. So am I.

Tuesday eve 10 o'cl. Returned from H. Went to Dustins [sic] with Mother Ed. & Mr. McA. [McAllaster] Mr. D. did not like the plans of the bond said E. or some one must go on &c. too expensive. He would like & prefer to settle without litigation amicably; but as he knew not what the profits were 'twould depend on that. He must settle in [consequence?]--They want something for E. services--and if there are profits all they [?]. He wants to settle with you if possible--or will leave it to men here what they think would be right--they want nothing more--I think you had better come on for they think you don't mean to--D. appeared well--but he is bitter towards you I think--or else he is deceptive to his words--You must send on yr. books he said or bring them else send statement and if there were profits all he asked E. has told you used his money--saved you from failing &c. That last $100 in particular--[Brother?] borrowed of Major McA. has never been paid that you wrote E. would support himself and a little more &c. I hope all will be right do settle if possible & come Mother seems so anxious to have you she shall believe all you say &c. Do my dearest write immediately when I may see you and if I had not better plan so as to be at Bed. when you come-- they say Margarette is going to be married-- The bond is not signed Dustin is going to look at it more.

We sleep on straw--Please look at the bedstead--

[Written on envelope:]
July 30
Queenston, Au. 2 1839

1 The word is difficult to make out but looks very close to scarlatina, another term for scarlet fever.

2 To learn more about Margarette Barker Lerned [McQuesten] please see W0609.

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