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[Envelope is postmarked in Hopkinton, New Hampshire, August 26 (no year legible) and Queenston August 31, 1839.]

W0993 TO DR. CALVIN MCQUESTEN from his wife Margarette [Lerned] McQuesten and Elim Dustin
Aug 14 1839 Saturday Eve 8O'cl. At Sister Mary's
To: Dr. Calvin McQuesten, Hamilton, Upper Canada

Dear husband

Have just returned from a social visit--Just a week to day since I came here. Mary's children (or two of them) had scarlet fever, about the time I thought of coming so deferred it, a while-- They are now quite well and as we think Calvin had it coming on here-- Trust we are safe. There have been a few cases only in the place. Mr. Dustin came down today & passed the greater part of it at Mother's-- They sent for me--& I went down with note &c. He concluded to write you his mind concerning this business & said I might give particulars-- I am not much of a business man you know--& Mr. McAllaster said it was not necessary he should come up unless they would settle-- Soon as I came to Hop. I went to Mother's with your propositions. She appeared very grateful & delighted--said it was more than you ought to give &c. Then I talked with E. he did not like the date-- year from Oct.-- In want of money &c.-- & said not much however--only reverted to what [Henion?] had for his share, that you told him you get Budlong Partner because you could not pay [Henion?] &c. So much for the 7 months & he was gone part of the time-- Ed. wrote home in that time that he was then going to be master workman as Bud. did not understand the business & his share of profits-- at such a time would be several hundred dollars-- he read this today in one of his old letters-- I spared him not to Dustin--and I found a chance to free my mind to him & tell him. Our folk said he was very enemical [inimical] towards you, he denied it, from principle he would look out for you as well as for Ed. that he did not want you to be one cent the poorer for E. that he would settle for half the profits let them be much or less--Said he could not settle by bond--for some one would have to go on in that case, but if you could bring the books & a statement on paper of the losses-- &c. of the good debts & poor ones-- he would settle on that ground even if there were no profits-- he said I could write it in that way to make it appear to you that he was sincere & friendly if I chose-- said he was-- & if you & he was not agreed [sic] on every point when you come on--some one could step in & say [sic] without any difficulty-- but thought you & he were and would be agreed-- how it should be. When I told him how they said he felt towards you, we were alone & he said he would not tell them I told him-- but he reverted to a certain letter you wrote to Ma (I recollect it) "telling them not to show it to Dustin") [sic] at the time something was said about Hannah's coming on & your taking her money, &c. &c. he did not like that-- thought it was not right treatment, but did not lay it up-- for "it was a speculating time at B. and you was a little beside yrself [sic]" and if he had sent the money thinks it might have been yr. Ruin." I was pleased tho' I said nothing-- I told them I know you would not be willing to pay E. the 300 &c. They said they only proposed it-- they would settle on half the profits I told them I did not see but Mother & he felt right-- but I did not think E. did and I do not tho' he says not much to me-- the "snakes keep in the grass"-- I think he is cunning & thinks he ought to have regular wages--that he is very smart fellow &c.-- done a great deal for you. 1

Mother & Dustin both appeared more lenient this eve--I was plain to Dustin--decided tho' [calm?] and pleasant. They both wish you would come on-- Mother in particular they want to settle about some land the old barn stores [viz?]-- have you sell it-- if in yr. possession. I hope my dear husband you will deem it best to come on for me. I do want to meet you in N.H. [New Hampshire]. I do not see why you cannot even if you only pass one night at H. then I will be at B. and we can return by Lowell & not return again to Hop. if you do not wish to-- No need to tell yr. plans to Mother--or else come make a visit, they all appear very anxious to see you Mother would eat you about up-- she appears to think much of you. Ed. applied for admission into the Epis. Ch. last week, 11 were confirmed last eve-- by Bishop Griswald, Sister Hannah one of them-- very solemn Mr. Chase came directly to me, put Ed. of [sic]-- by saying he could not without a letter from Br. Ch. and he querried me, said he ought to know till I told him all-- on promise he never would tell--Said he did want to see you when you come, & have a long talk about E. he is a good man-- Said he would be glad to reconcile you & E. & it could never be till E. would go back to B. & establish his character there & be under you again-- he thought it ought to be-- & he could make Ed. confess &c. E. acknowledged to day all the ch. at B. wanted [was?] to have him get on his knees to you & confess-- & he never would he had nothing to confess-- thought you ought to him as much as he to you-- that is what I meant when I said to D. E. did not possess the right spirit to my mind--minister Chase wanted me to write you & know if he need [not?] talk to E. about this affair-- but since his confession to day, I think it not best I think he cannot be in the right or good way-- Mr. Chase says E. always spoke in the most respectful terms of you & quoted that time that you said in Conversion, that they must compare themselves to the Bible &c. I guess Mr. McA. would like to settle with you-- says he is owing you-- that he has not got Estabrook's & Hutchin's notes yet-- Had a very pleasant visit there indeed. Have engaged to visit Mrs. Clement with you-- Dear husband 'tis late-- and this must go Monday-- pray write next mail- yr. last was 7 days coming-- I shall wait here.

[Written up side of page] I shall expect an answer in 14 days-- (I hope there will be profits enough to satisfy-- that we may be at peace-- do find and come that is all that [?] [want?] till I get an answer. Do write when I shall see you & when Mr. Minot is coming on if you know-- I shall make up my mind when I go to Bed. [Bedford] soon as I hear from you-- think of going the 2 or three weeks in Sept.-- shall stay at least at [sic] fortnight-- & four weeks if I tarry long enough in N.H. Just as you think best-- shall expect you a part of the time there-- Ed. walks as to outward appearance uprightly-- I think he means to do well for the future, & I hope not in his own strengths.

As it is Sabbath eve, Can [sic] only say a word more. Attended meeting all day. Dr. Chase of Bellows Falls preached on the atonement. Ned said coming home how the Dr. [would to hear?] such sermons just suit him-- they were excellent. I would just say I am afraid our furniture will be in Mrs. Brewster's way unless you think of returning soon-- They have been kind and we ought not take too much liberty-- I wish you would write when you shall leave Canada. I wish if you do not allow me time to write again-- you would bring sister Margarette of Bedford-- a Thimble no. 6 at Walker's as a present-- he might put "M. McQ." on it-- My old black merino shawl to ride home in-- and [a?] one or two pair of "[??]" gloves-black-- [Peat?] had some good nice ones-- Also if Mrs. Greenley has not settled all up with you what they owe you-- bring one of her [?] knit caps if you would like to take pay in some such way-- I know they used to owe you and mother or sister Lucinda-- I will give it [to?]-- Mrs. G. had several last winter and wanted to sell me one-- I did not need it-- If you come on hope you will see to your waistcots [sic] [boots?] &c.-- I suppose you would like little of my assistance in fixing up-- but one of these days I will do my best-- I do want to see my dear husband-- Calvin is 22 mo. old today.2 It is 14 weeks next Thursday since I saw you last-- Calvin says "catch fly" "want whip"-- I am most inclined to think he will know you-- he is very darling-- "go ahead" fellow-- nothing effeminate yet nothing rough--he has had many tell about his good shaped head-- he has eat a hearty supper of fresh fish, all the meat I allow him to eat he is very fond of it-- Black berries are very plenty-- We all anticipate much pleasure in seeing you here-- I tell people I am expecting you for I do-- Let me know what I may depend on in yr. next? Is Mrs. Bud. living? I shall go to B. about the third week in Sept. but I ought to hear from you first so write immediately and direct to H. Our family are all well and appear kind and pleasant-- Mother is expecting you to visit her-- I should go there again probably for a short vis. Calvin is the favorite with them all-- even Catharine thinks he is [none such?].

Yours ever, Margarette

[Written sideways along margin and top of first page]

It is quite a stock-- that the 100 was useful to you and you payed [sic] debts with it-- Dustin said that made no difference-- cannot tell how many times it has been mentioned yr. using E.'s money-- oh how selfish!! I tell you the worst I know-- or think-- & they say the worst the do-- yet they appear strange-- Do settle my dear and get a discharge forever-- till things are ordered-- and we must submit. There is no stability in any of Mother's family but Hannah-- They are just so in every thing-- I think they all want to settle friendly with you-- and they all want you to come on-- Dustin did not like the bond a bit-- Then got it was a droll mess-- said he would settle without that-- because some one would have to go on-- I long to get rid of this business-- Put things out of the way--

[Following was written by Edward A.H. Lerned's legal guardian, Mr. Elim Dustin:]

Hopkinton, Augt. 24 1839

Dr. M'Questen Sir

I am now at Mrs. Lerned's conversing with your wife about a settlement of your & Edward's affairs, your proposition to pay Edward $140. I call everything even between you is not satisfactory to Edward & his mother-- they think you ought to allow Ed. the one half the profits of the druggist Store ([?]) if you will bring forward the book & bills showing what the profits were & will pay it over you can have a full discharge-- or if you will return to me the money you have rcd. on Edward's account which is not far from $325. you can have a full discharge-- that is you will have supported Edward [page torn] services & profits in the druggist store. I understand by your wife & also by your afsignment [sic] that Edward was to have the profits of the Store & I have no wish for anything beyond, but if you have a wish to compound the matter & pay the sum above mentioned I have no objection as it will be satisfactory to Mrs. Lerned & Edward if paid or put on interest soon-- you will write me or your wife as soon as you receive this that we may know whether either of the above propositions will be acceeded [sic] to--

Your Obedient Servant

Elim Dustin

1 To learn more about Edward Lerned see W-MCP4-6.233 and W0824.

2 To learn more about Margarette Barker Lerned [McQuesten] and the birth of Calvin Brooks please see W0609.

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