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Oct 27 1825
From: Adams Female Academy, Londonderry, New Hampshire


Junius was the only heir of a wealthy nobleman, and was born and educated in the ancient castle of Dombuli which was situated on the highlands of F. remote from any other human habitation. His father bestowed a liberal sum for his education; and the cultivation of his mind appeared for a season, the only object he had in view. At an early age, he was much interested in the study of Botany. He arose with the "bright orb of day" and cheered by the sprightly notes of the lark; rambled through his native glades, searching for the beauties & varieties of nature. Thus while young, his heart glowed with enthusiasm, and his countenance exprefsed 1 the most lovely sensibility. Dorance the father of Junius, activated by parental affection, sought only for his son's happiness. Volumes of various kinds were introduced into the castle of Dombuk for his perusal, and nothing that excited his fancy or pleased his taste was withheld. In this manner Junius spent his twelve first years. Secluded from society he passed his happiest days in cultivating his mind, and admiring the works of an Omnipotent Creator. Prepossessing in his manner, he gained the affection of all his father's family.

But alas! Too anxious to become acquainted with the world, he neglected his daily avocations, by planning some project for his future liberty. Fearing his plans would not meet the approbation of his father, he clandestinely left his paternal roof, to seek an asylum amongst strangers, and to visit lands wholly unknown to him.

After wandering through various paths, the sable curtain of night closed around him, and nothing but a faint outline of the landscape remained. Sad and disappointed by not meeting with any one to whom he could communicate his intentions, he seated himself upon a fallen tree in a sequestered forest, while solemn silence appeared to reign over all creation. Melancholy hovered around him, and a sense of his dangerous situation urged him to proceed onwards. He had not traveled far, before he observed a young lady at a short distance. On perceiving him, she quickened her pace, and Junius delighted with her appearance, hastened towards her. His singular dress, and the manner in which he addressed her, so confused Clarinda, that a faint blush over spread her beautiful cheek, & rendered her doubly interesting.

After a few remarks they approached the residence of Clarinda. It was a neat little cottage, situated on an eminence surrounded by large trees, and almost encircled by mountains. Junius, overjoyed to reach a human habitation rushed in, and with all the ardor of youth related his narrative. But when he mentioned his father's name, Germaine, the father of Clarinda, shrieked and fell. He at length recovered, called for Junius, and embraced him as his nephew. This man was Brother to Junius's father, they were separated in youth & had not seen, or heard from each other since. After many kind solicitations, he accepted the invitation to return with his new relatives, and once more became a resident of the castle of Dombuli.

Adams Female Academy2

Londonderry, N.H.

October 27, 1825

Margarette B. Lerned

1 Margarette uses the now archaic "fs" construction for the "ss" sound, which we have altered for ease of reading.

2 For a note on Adams Female Academy, and on Margarette Barker Lerned, see W1100.

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