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Oct 28 1854
To: Elizabeth Fuller McQuesten, Hamilton, Ontario, [Canada]
From: Boston, Massachusetts, [U.S.A.]

Dear Lissie, [Elizabeth Fuller McQuesten]

The day is Oct. 28 or rather evening and the time after 9 P.M. But this document must leave 35 Essex Street by Warren Sawyer at an Early hour (if he should be up) tomorrow morning. Please bear in mind that said gentleman has now become essentially a fixture as to warrant the delivery of any dispatches addressed to his care, Boston Mass. without reference to No. or St.

I most heartily subscribe to the foregoing page and had I time I would repeat in my own hieroglyics [sic] but the hour admonishes me.1

Let me thank you for returning my $200 gold pocket piece by Father. I parted with my old friend with no thought of ever seeing it again as I supposed it would find a Canadian house. It isn't a bad penny tho' so soon returned. What a stormy week we have had. But all the Exhibitors of Wonders profess to have made money--All the politicians are in full faith that their favorite candidate will be the chosen one. The Convention of Radical Abolitionists of the Geirit Smith order feel that Republican institutions are safe with their infusion of doctrines into the body politic.

Official reports state that over 86000 persons came into Boston last Thursday and that more than $50000 [sic]2 were at the Agricultural Fair at one time--over $2,050,000 two millions fifty thousand dollars of foreign, that is out of town money was deposited at the Suffolk bank on Friday. So one may judge something of the crowd which has been gathered in Boston this last week.

I have not heard from Mrs. Cole. Father received a business note from Robert. He did not mention a word of them. Capt. Blaney has paid another long unsuccessful call, he thinks they must be sick. Give my love to Lissie, I did mean to write to her when you went home but somehow I didn't so you needn't look over your papers. But do not despair of accomplishing it some other time.

Remember me to Calvin and the Dr., tell the Dr. some of the sheep weighed at the fair between 300 and 400 lbs. For once the newspaper reporters couldn't exaggerate. The true stories were so large they rather feared to tell the whole truth lest the folks who stayed at home wouldn't swallow so much.

Goodnight ma chere Amie

Rachel [?]

1 This comment suggests that this letter was enclosed with W1190 bearing the same date.

2 The $ sign is in the original text, but is possibly an error. Perhaps the writer means that 50,000 people were at the Agricultural Fair. It is also possible that she means that $50,000 was spent, but forgot to add to the sentence.

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