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Jul 16 1877 Monday1
To: Elizabeth Fuller McQuesten, Hamilton, Ontario

Dear Friend,

Doubtless you say well Gus takes her time in answering any letter but we have had so much to do that it seems almost impossible to take time to write. We are getting along very nicely but of course miss Ma more and more also your coming in every day. We have had several patients after you since your departure. Mrs. Eakins' baby was very sick last Sunday day and she kept saying, Oh! if Dr. Mc. was only here I would give him any fee to come to my child. She is improving slowly and they expect to leave the city this week. Mrs. Kiss is in bed and Dr. Haddon is attending her with some trouble with the head. Emma has her trouble, little Annie caught cold last Sunday and took the croup and it settled in Diptheratic Croup so that Dr. Haddon with Dr. Schooner and 4 students performed the operation of opening the throat and inserting the little silver tube. She is very sick at present but I am in hope that she will recover. I have never seen such a good child so very quick and allows every thing to be done and does not say one word. Emma says you always spoke of Annie being so good when sick.

Eda Kiss has just stopped at the window and says her Mother has a sore throat and the Dr. wants to treat it with caustic so of course it is from being with Annie every one has this trouble. We have put a bill on the house and have had an offer but do not know if we will take it for we do not like the partys [sic]. Frank takes his vacation the 1st of August so he will be away for two weeks, Mr. White is going to Canada and Wallie thinks of going to Lake George so I intend leaving about the same time so if Mary will only go we can send the girl home for a while until Mary comes back for she is so good we do not want to part with her. You would have some fun if you saw her for she is a good natured darkey.

I wanted to go to the White Mts. but they told me it would cost from $25 to 30 to go so of course do not feel life spending so much money for traveling purposes thought of going to Plymouth but have not quite decided when. I had board engaged at Saratoga but feel that it would hardly be right to go to such a gay place this year. Oh such lovely weather as we have had, very few warm days so that it has been no trouble to keep cool.

How did your brother's family enjoy the trip? give them our kind regards. Write to let us know how you are getting along and how you are enjoying yourself. Hoping to hear from you soon and with regards from all.

I remain, Yours Sincerely,


1 The year of this document is not entirely clear. We have determined that it has to be 1877, because Monday falls on July 16 in 1877. Further, W1221, written by the same person, is from 1877 and the content is somewhat related.

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