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Sep 11 1877
To: Elizabeth Fuller McQuesten, Hamilton, Ontario

Dear Friend,

I am almost ashamed to write you after leaving your letter so long unanswered but I left the City and did not know where you might be as you spoke of taking a trip. I hear you went and enjoyed it very much and that your health is improving but sincerely hope you are not growing any stouter than when you left here. I have had a very pleasant time while away part of the time at the Grant House Catskill and the latter end of the season went down to Patshogun. We had a large number of guests at Catskill somewhere in the neighbourhood of 200, all seem to be very nice people. I took Jessie with me she was quite delighted with Hotel life and did not care to return to Harlen to help take care of the children. She was quite miserable and I think the change did her good. Mr. and Mrs. W. Moir have been all around seemingly at he Grand Union Saratoga and Fort William Henry Lake. George also to the northern part of N.J. to visit the Sterns, they return this week and I should think it was time for it is very cool I am sure. I should not have come home Sat. if the weather had not driven me. I spent 3 days at Fur Island and it was so gloomy that I was glad to get back to P. the people over there are all affected with Hay Fever and Lemius has enough of them. Frank spent his vacation at Orange and enjoyed it very much for they have so much fruit, also everything else in great abundance. I have not been out there this year so I do not suppose they will care to see me now but I shall manage to survive. Eckert J. Nimbus have a new foreman and he is the very image of you. Doubtless they thought we were missing you has [?] took him out of charity to us. It is to be hoped he will treat the labour a little better than his predecessor did or they will not like him.

Many thanks to you for your invitation for to meet you in Boston but I do not think I can do so just now. Give our love to your folks and write and let us know what you are doing with yourself.

With much love


September 11, 1877

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