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W1230 Account of Walker and Scott, Barristers, to C.B. McQuesten in regard to Mrs. E.F. McQuesten's claims.
Oct 5 1887
From: 10 James St. South, Hamilton, Ontario.

10 James St South
Hamilton, 5th Oct 1887

C.B. McQuesten Enq M.D.
Glen Tower Dobbs Ferry & Lees N.Y.
To. Walker & Scott, Dr.
Barristers. Solicitors &c.

Oct 26 - To Attend. with Mr. C.B. McQuesten relating to course to take in reference to claims of Mrs. C. McQuesten

30 - " long Attend. with you in reference to settle each with your father's widow + in reference to affairs between you and your brother Isaac and instructions [?] for you.
- " further Attend. with you this P.M. on same subject [costs] $10.00

30 - " opinion to you relative to your step Mother's quarantine or reject to remain 40 days in house [costs] 10.00
- subsequent Attend. with you as to matters between you and your brothers as to precuring an adjustment of accounts between you. [costs] 2.00

Nov. 5 - " Letter to your brother Isaac for [statement?] promised cash Tuesday to you and c. [costs] .50

6 - " Attend. with your brother Isaac in reference to [statement?] and other matters and discussing [saucer?] [costs] 2.00

7 - " Attend. with your brother [asking??] [???] to which he is to forward to you [costs] 2.00
- " Letter to you that we had seen from you [stepmother?] [costs] .53

26 - " Attend. on your brother conversation as to settlement with Mrs. McQuesten and other matters [?] proposed adjustment between you him and her and c. [costs] 5.00
- " Letter to you [?] and in reply of yours of 24 Nov. [costs] .53

29 - " hearing [with??] letter from you [??] account and [??] to your brother [costs] 1.00

30 - [Illegible] [costs] 5.00

Dec 15 - Attend. with your [crossed out line]
- Your brother discusing advisibility of reopening negotiations for a settlement with Mrs. McQuesten [costs] 2.00

May 29 - " Attend. with you about 3 hours with you and your brother and an ?? w/o consulting and advising as to affairs between you and your brother [costs] 6.00

Forward [balance] ---- $ 46.56

April 2 - To Attend. with you this morning pertaining proposed agreement between you Haraly and your brother and Can. Life Ass. Co addressing as to effect of it [costs] 2.00
- " Attend. again with you in afternoon addressing course to pursue and c. [costs] 1.00

5 - " Attend. again with you this day when you executed agreement bearing same with no to deliver in our discretion [costs] 2.00
Attend to see Mr. Haraly in reference for same when forward your [money??] [costs] .50

11 - " prior attend. and attend. this day with your brother discussing matter of agreement with can. Life and you and others and c. [costs] 2.00
- " Letter to you explaining position and c- [costs] .53

[total balance] = $54.59

This is our Bill of Costs
Walker and Scott Rec

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