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W1269 TO MAYOR W.A. HAVEMEYER from E.R. Peaslee
Jan 1 1900
To: Mayor W.A. Havemeyer

Dear Sir,

The bearer, Dr. C.B. McQuesten residing at 263 E 55th St, desires and appointment upon the Health Board. I have long known him and am sure he will perform all the duties of such an office most faithfully & conscientiously.1

Yours very truly

E.R. Peaslee
Hon. W.C. Havemeyer

1 From: John Havemeyer
Sent: Friday, March 06, 2015 10:41 AM
Subject: Whitehern Museum Archives website.

Hello Mary, I found your email address on the following Page:

First I think the Web Site was very well done and of great value. In a recent visit a search landed me on the following page:
I found this entry, W1269 TO MAYOR W.A. HAVEMEYER from E.R. Peaslee

My great great Grandfather was W. A. Havemeyer, his Uncle William F. Havemeyer was actually the three term Mayor of New York. W. A. (William Albert) Havemeyer was never mayor.

Either in transcription, or in the original document, there is an error.

Just thought you would want to know, it looks like a lot of people put a lot of work into this project. It is very well done!
Peace! John Havemeyer

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