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[This letter was in the same envelope with W1333.]

W1336 TO DR. CALVIN BROOKS MCQUESTEN from his friend J.H. Whittemore
Dec 10 1871
To: Dr. Calvin Brooks McQuesten, New York
From: Dresden, [Saxony], Germany

Dear Mc.,

Moody has kindly left a vacant side of his sheet for me, as usual with him, he has taken the "lion's share." He has read what he has written, and left for me to find some details. What Moody has written about becoming Dutch is every word true.1 We have studied Dutch like the Dutch, but I now believe that Yanks will win although at first it looked otherwise, and the Parson2 had much fun at my disgust & expletives. Poor fellow, I am glad to be but of his jokes if it is fun for him, as he suffers very much mentally & physically. I do not think the drink is good for him. We are in a German family very good people indeed, but as simple in their manner and way of living as children. I do not think the German nation very neat, and this family possess the national peculiarity. We have enough to eat, but not of the 5th Ave. style or quality. I often wish you were with me to enjoy the beer which is fine, and I get around a quart or two every day. Water is unknown and raises the dutch with a man's bowels. I tried at first to drink it, but my intestinal canal entirely closed up, and for a time I found there would never be more business done in it, water would not run in it, so I took to beer, and now the way's open. We get our beer and music at the same time, and they are excellent; a pint of beer for four cents.

Dutch girls are not like the fair ones to be seen on Broadway, but they are of like passions. There are six hundred licensed in this city and more who do it on the sly. My studious habits & the climate keep me so subdued that I feel very quiet all the time, we are to day having the seventh snow storm for one week but it don't amount to much. I say Bully for the Republican Party. Are the same [?] year. Don't ever attempt to learn Dutch now, it is no use to [?] ones time. We have begun and mean to, but don't try it now.

As ever, Whit

[J.H. Whittemore]

1 Dutch here is probably archaic for German.

2 Parson appears to be a nickname for Dr. George O. Moody. For his part of the letter, see W1333.

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