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W1341 TO DR. CALVIN BROOKS MCQUESTEN from his friend Dr. George O. Moody
Dec 24 1871
To: Dr. Calvin Brooks McQuesten,
From: [Dresden, Principality of Saxony, Empire of Germany]

Dear Mac,

I will put a little note into Whit's letter1 to ask you to put a few of my cents[?] (you will probably remember that I had some printed before I left N.Y.) into your next letter as I would like to use some, and also to urge you to write me just as soon as you get this directing to Robt. Thode & Co. Bankers, Dresden, Saxony. If you write by the 12th I shall get it before I leave but write sooner if possible. Bert has never answered my letters to him written 3 months ago and he will never unless he wishes, it makes no difference to me. Don't come to Dresden if you have rheumatism--I have not used Dr. Danby's letter here in Dresden because this place seemed to drop into our hands and we could not find a better one to study in. When I get to Vienna I shall use the letter he gave me--I find I am gaining in my grammar and hope by Feb'y to be able to understand enough to get to Vienna with profit.

Whit & I have bought you a pipe that will do your heart glad--I wish you had it now for a Christmas present. It isn't made for show but for use. I am very anxious to get away from here for I hope 3 or 4 weeks in Rome and then South, will help my rheumatism. Good night very good fellow.

Ever yours,


1 There are two letters in the same envelope here; see W1337 from Whittemore. J.H. Whittemore and George O. Moody are Calvin's fellow medical students who are studying medicine abroad. Dr. Whittemore and a mutual friend, Dr. George O. Moody, wrote several letters to Dr. Calvin Brooks from Ireland, Germany, Austria, Italy, London and Boston, where they were studying medicine in 1871-72 and 1877. They described their travels and studies in the various medical centres in Europe and encouraged Dr. Calvin Brooks McQuesten to join them, but he did not do so (W1256, W1321, W1327, W1333, W1336, W1337, W1344, W1348, W1354, W1486). For the Whittemore family, see W4815

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