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W1344 TO DR. CALVIN BROOKS MCQUESTEN from his friend George O. Moody
Feb 4 1872
To: Dr. Calvin Brooks McQuesten
From: Dresden, [Saxony], Germany

My dear Mac,

Your kind letter came to hand last evening and I will answer it at once because you seem in earnest about coming to Europe and I wish you to understand all about it before you start. I have only a few moments to write as I must go out this evening.

Have I written you that Whit left Dresden 5 wks ago for Italy? He could not stand the confinement of study and thought it best to try and recover his health even if he did not learn German, I fear his knowledge of German is not sufficient to serve him much in lectures although he intends going to Vienna with me after we have seen a little of Italy. I have studied very closely now for nearly 4 months and feel that I need a little rest and shall start next Wednesday for Rome where I expect to meet Whit, at Kingslands and Brewers all friends of ours and with whom Whit is traveling. I can read very well, understand nearly all that is said to me and speak a little, but do not know as much German as I wish I did. I think that after hearing 2 or 3 lectures every day for 3 or 4 wks that I shall be able to get along without much trouble.

Please [do] not mention to any one what I say in regard to Whit, nor in your letters. He could not study and I did not say anything against his going away for I feared if he remained he would break down. I hope he will in a month or so be able to understand the lectures. He has been very kind to me ever since we left America. No brother could be more so and if I can in any way help him I shall do so with the greatest pleasure.

Now in regard to your coming here I cannot live a year in Europe for less than $1000 gold and would not think of coming here with less than $2000 if I intended to remain more than a year. I have been as economical as possible and have already spent about $800 and have sent home for $1000 more which will make $2100 gold. This I expect to last me till next fall when I must come home because I have no more money to spend. Whit will spend $2000 or $3000 in the same time. Everybody says that it costs from 30 to 50 per cent more to live in Europe than it did 2 yrs ago. You know my dear old fellow that it would give me the greatest pleasure to have you with us but however much I wish it I will not get you here through deception. You shall know the truth and then if you can come I will receive you with open arms. Wouldn't we drink beer and eat bread and cheese!

I would like my dear Mac to see your face and if you do not come here I will see it next fall if Providence spares my life to get across the water again. Do you really think you will come over for so short a time as 4 or 5 months? You must not do it if your intention is to study. You cannot possibly get a knowledge of the language in less than 6 months--This is no fooling! I have studied at least 10 hours a day since I came here, now almost 4 months and it will take me another month to get a good knowledge of the confounded language. I do not regret that I came although I cannot spend as much time in my professional studies as I hoped to. If I get the language it will be something that I shall enjoy all my life for when I shall be I can make use of it every day.

Many thanks for the paper--when we get home I will make it all right, I am aware that this is a poor scrawl but I can do no better now. I will write you again before long. Direct your letters as before as I will have them forwarded.

Ever most sincerely

"Parson" [George O. Moody]

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