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W1358 TO DR. CALVIN BROOKS MCQUESTEN from his friend George O. Moody
Jun 8 1872
To: Dr. Calvin Brooks McQuesten
From: Vienna, Austria

My dear Mac,

I received your favor of May 23rd today in which you speak of not having heard from me for a long time. I know this just as well as you do and have thought many times I would write you but Whit has written you several times (2 means several) and I have been so busy that I could find no good time to spare. I have studied hard since I came to Vienna and have had my brothers and sisters and friends in Titusville to write to which has taken more than all my spare time and so you see old fellow that you are, as usual, the one who has been omitted in the distribution. I think I have written you since I heard directly from you but that makes no difference--I should certainly have found time. I wrote you a few days before I left Dresden for Italy and certainly have not heard directly from you since.

The cards came all right for which I thank you. The Harper weekly came a few days ago and I thank you for the information in regard to the picture. I had to make them out of course Horace Sumner [or Summer?] and Schurtz I knew but the others were all new faces to me. I see by the London Times that Grant and Wilson have been nominated by the Phil'a [Philadelphia] convention. I would like to have seen another man in Grant's place but since Greeley has toaded [sic] to the democrats I would vote for Geo. F. Train sooner than for him (Greeley). I wonder who the democrats will nominate?

Of course you'd rather know what I am doing here than have my opinion on politics. I have done all and more than I have anticipated here. I, as you learned from Whit's letter, concluded not to make a special study of any one disease as I expected to return to Titusville again, and the city is not large enough to give a man a paying practice in a specialty. I see by the paper an occulist [sic] has gone there since I left. I have been studying eye disease--ear and throat diseases and done something in chemistry that is in chemical and microscopical analysis of the univ [?]--I have also taken a course on private diseases.

Do you remember Bumstead came into Dr. Derby's office as you and I left? And he has been in the same course on the ear with me here. Please remember me to Dr. Derby and tell him that I have followed Prof. Ault through the whole course and have taken private instruction for 3 months from his assistant in the ophthalmoscope. His name is Bergmeister and remembers Dr. Derby very well. Before I told him that I had seen Dr. D. he asked me if I had ever met him and spoke of his being with Prof. Ault.

I expect to leave here in about 4 wks and shall go to Paris to spend a few days and then to London where I shall remain 2 months to study diseases of children and follow up my studies on the eye. I now hope to come home sometime in Sept. or early in Oct. Whit will go from here to Berlin and meet me in London--He is now talking of spending the winter in London. I would like very much to do so but I must get home on account of my business. It would rejoice us much to see you in London and have a smoke with you. Whit says remember, write Mac and tell him we hope to meet him in London.

In haste but as ever most sincerely your old friend,

Parson [George R. Moody]

[P.S. written along side of letter, partly illegible] While writing this my old landlady has brought in the "Caution." I would like to talk over matters with you and would like to see Summer horsewhipped for his [?] in the senate sometime[?] [?] the thing is certain Sumner [or Summer?] might never deserved Grant's dishonest fate after he thought he (Summer) had not been treated with proper attention and must think that all his hostility is simply a desire for personal revenge.

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