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W1362 TO DR. CALVIN BROOKS MCQUESTEN from his friend Dr. George O. Moody
Jul 17 1872
To: Dr. Calvin McQuesten, New York
From: London, England

My dear Mac,

I have only a few minutes to write. I am as you will see again in London where I am hard at work studying diseases of children and couloring [sic] my meerschaum.1 I am attending every day the clinic at the hospital for children in Great Ormand St. under Dr. West and am sure that in 2 months I can learn more than I ever knew before of the treatment of children. It has been now nearly 3 wks since I saw Whit. [Whittemore] but expect him here about the 1st of August. He left Vienna a wk. before I did to look after a friend who was very sick in Aix les Bains, Savoy and is still with her. I heard from him yesterday–his friend is slowly recovering and he will leave her the last day of the month. I shall spend part of my time visiting other hospitals in the city.

Have just returned from witnessing the operations at St. Bartholomew's hospital, one of the oldest in London and a fine hospital. I shall follow Bowman and Power's operations on the eye. I have just been looking at some eye instruments with the intentions of buying before I come home but think I can get them cheaper in N.Y. Would you mind going to some go instrument maker and ascertaining how much a case containing the following instruments will cost.

1.50 one Beer's knife
1.50 1 Graefe's knife
3.00 1 strait and 1 curved Lance for [?]
1.25 1 cataract needle
1.25 1 Graefe's hook for capsule
1.50 1 Probe pointed knife for [tear duct]
1.50 1 Davidson's spoon
1.75 1 In's forceps
3.00 1 strait and 1 curved Pr. scissors
1.25 1 Strah's man hook
1.00 1 speculum
1.50 1 Lid holder
3.00 1 set Bowmand's [?]

If I can get them as cheap in N.Y. I rather wait and get them there for I am hard up for money. I paid more than I intended or ought to for my microscope but I thought as I should never buy another I might as well get a good one. It cost me $145 and can't be beat. You may look for me home about the middle of Sept. perhaps sooner. My brother's wife is quite sick and they are much alarmed about her. And are urging me to hasten home. Of course I can do no good but think if she is no better when I hear again, I shall sail about Sept. lst.

If you can learn the price of the instruments without too much trouble you will do me a favor to send it by return mail as I would like to know by Aug 12th. Will you also learn for Whit what instruments are of Wade and Fond's pocket surgical cases contains [sic]. I have one of them and like it better than any I see here but I might not get in all of the knifes [sic]. I think it is such a case as Dr. Van Bunn uses but can not certain [sic].

Please let me hear from you as soon as possible.

Most sincerely yours

Parson [Dr. George R. Moody]

[The following was enclosed with the above letter:]

F.A. Stohlman. Edw'd Pfarre. Philip Schmidt.
Stohlman, Pfarre and Co.

The Only Branch Establishment of
George Tiemann and Co.,
Surgical and Dental Instruments, Bandages,
Trusses, Elastic Stockings, Splints and Braces.

Repairs promptly attended to.
107 East Twenty-Eighth St.
Near Fourth Avenue--New York.
A Lady in regular attendance to wait upon Lady Customers.

1 Coloring: Because of its natural porous nature, Solid Block Meerschaum's most fascinating characteristic is its process of gradually changing colors from white to a golden deep cherry red or brown. Since each stone is unique unto itself, each pipe will color at various speeds and shades, I have seen pipes color in 2 months and some color in 12 months. It is impossible to tell just how long it will take your pipe to color. Some factors affecting this colorization vary from your particular smoking habits, different types of tobacco, to the amount of time you smoke your pipe. "coloring meerschaum." December 17, 2003. meerschaum_story.asp?SID=4& - 24k

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