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W1398 TO DR. CALVIN MCQUESTEN from his son Dr. Calvin Brooks McQuesten
Nov 1 1873
To: Dr. Calvin McQuesten, Hamilton, Ontario, [Canada]
From: 213 East 53rd Street, New York, New York

My dear father,

I received Isaac's letter with draft, and was gratified to hear of your continued good health. I have no doubt but what I shall be much pleased with the apples but judge it will be a month before they are good and ripe. From the appearance of the fruit one sees on the street Canada is very highly favored. Fact is, that everything has a drooping look and hard times makes itself known through the looks as well as through the daily wants: You hear enough about it, but I think Canada will before long suffer some, not as much as we will here, as their interests are so much in sympathy with ours, but inflation has not gone on to the extent with you that it has here.

Since my return have had the worst case of obstetrics on my list; the woman was in labor two days and then I delivered her with the forceps but tore the whole perineum, the child weighed 14 lbs when it ought not to be have been over 6 lbs. Have partially closed the rent, but will have the final operation some weeks hence, when she has gained some strength and got over her nervous feelings.

Last week I went up to Hartford to see Dr. Whittemore at the "Retreat for the Insane." Had a very pleasant visit and saw a beautiful town, for Hartford has the name of being very beautiful and very wealthy. I found an old acquaintance of yours there "Hickory" Clark. He has been there for near two years, every other day he is quite calm and somewhat rational, but on his bad days he is very rough and troublesome. He was rather expressive in his Charges against Dr. Roseburgh and Mr. McIlroy. Although I did not stay long with him he seemed pleased to see me and inquired after all the Hamilton people. He often speaks of them to the attendants.

I did not say anything to Isaac about the case of obstetrics, for fear he would talk it over with his wife, and that would prolong and make her nervous. Sometimes ignorance is bliss. With much love, I am,

Sincerely, your son

Calvin B. McQuesten

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