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W1404 TO DR. CALVIN BROOKS MCQUESTEN from Mary Baker McQuesten
Mar 17 1874
To: Dr. Calvin Brooks McQuesten, New York, [New York, U.S.A.]
From: Hamilton, Ontario, [Canada]

My dear Brother,

It is certainly most ungrateful of me not to have written you before and thanked you for all your kind advice and counsel. And I really am very much obliged to you for taking so much trouble to write all the little particular directions for they are just the very thing that our doctors never tell us. At least mine has given me no instructions at all, but I suppose he thought my lady friends would do that. And I most assuredly required all the advice I could get for I don't think you could have found an individual much more ignorant on the subject.1

However thanks to you and them I am well prepared now. But I don't intend to be half as long about it as you describe. See if I am because I am perfectly well and not a thing the matter with me, and there is no necessity for a great fuss. Have heard, some horrible tales, lately told me, but do not feel at all alarmed.

You must have had a grand time when W. Proudfoot was in New York, Annie told me she really did feel sorry for you the way her Papa walked you about, but they enjoyed their trip exceedingly and feel very much indebted to your kindness. I look forward with great anticipations to a visit to New York ourselves some day.

You really are to be pitied in the midst of a pack of dogs, for it is certainly most distressing to hear dogs barking. I hope you are not taking too much trouble about that Spitz for us. This is a case in which I am sacrificing myself somewhat to my husband's taste but since he is pretty good I must indulge him a little.

I suppose we may expect to see you in May, remember however the Lady of the big house may feel you are most welcome in this house at all times. I don't think you ever heard of your "Paternus" talk confidential with me, when--as he is afraid you never will get anyone to take care of you--I agreed to always keep a very sisterly care over you.

Now I must close as it is nearly dinner time and I must adjourn to the kitchen for a short time; and once more thanking you very much for your kindness,

believe me

ever very sincerely yours Mary B. McQuesten

1 Mary McQuesten is pregnant at this time with her first child. Mary Baldwin McQuesten was born on March 20, 1874, just 3 days after this letter was written. See Isaac's letter to Calvin describing the birth, W2440.

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