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W1470 TO DR. CALVIN BROOKS MCQUESTEN from J. H. Whittemore
Sep 16 1877
To: Dr. Calvin Brooks McQuesten Hamilton, Ontario1
From: Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston, Massachusetts

My dear Mac,

Safely stowed away in some of my pockets is your last letter still unanswered. I was--as always--delighted to hear from you & should have answered it before had I not been very busy & some tired before I went on my vacation, from which I returned this a.m., and have resolved to finish my correspondence before I enter upon the absorbing duties of the place.

I spent my vacation mostly in the White Hills where it was very cold for the first few days but latterly quite warm not to say hot. I received a letter from the Parson [Dr. George O. Moody] a few days since in which he speaks of being a happy husband and father. Why aren't we? I really wanted to go to Hamilton to see my friends & get some grapes but it was not late enough for the latter. I must defer the anticipated pleasures until another time.

I attended Dr. Ben's funeral. Over work professional, literary & social resulting in diabetus mellitus & some commencing trouble in basilor portion of brain2--are the supposed cause of death. [Peasle & Lock?] made the examination & reported this. I hope you are feeling better than when I saw you here.3 I hope that you are eating light, drinking lighter and exercising regularly & increasingly every day--become a La Crosse player, enter the walking arena [train?] down--&c of course you know how easy it is to give advice.

I am feeling well & quite happy. Have work enough to do, & pleasant Associates. I have just finished a letter to the Parson. As you see that I am paying off old debts. While away I went across the Lake to "Au Sable Chasm" near Port Kent; a wonderful place & worthy of a visit so if you are ever in the vicinity go & see it. Select a cool day & go on an empty stomach, as it is a place for a good tug up & down, but will repay the labor.

Tomorrow is to be a busy day in Boston dedicating & unveiling the Soldiers monument & if it is hot as it has been for a few days, it may be a busy one for me, but I hope not. Give my very kindest regards to your brother & Mrs. McQuesten and my respectful regards to your father. Write often & come & see me without fail when you can.

Sincerely yours

J.H. Whittemore

1 This letter indicates that Dr. Calvin McQuesten did come to stay with his brother and family, and/or with his father, while he was recuperating, see W2485.

2 This may be a reference to the basal ganglia.

3 Dr. Calvin Brooks had pneumonia in 1875, and had not been completely well since, see W1419.

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