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W1482 TO DR. C.B. MCQUESTEN from from Darwin Hudson M.D.
Oct 20 1877
To: Dr. C.B. McQuesten
From: 227 West 22nd Street New York City

Dear Dr:

Your many old friends in New York have not forgotten you. Enquiries are constantly being made. A few days ago I called at your late office & obtained your address.

I told Dr Leanning I proposed to write & he said "give him my love". You have been so familiarly known to us, seeing you going & coming among us so many years that every one misses you even though not very intimate very much as if they should find the 5th Ave Hotel torn down on the Summer's [absence?] should find Madison Square built over. Some of us feel more than that even though we have not seen much of you the last year.

I can tell you but little news. James writes to your [??]. He has received to the [?] left by his brother. The remodelled hotel is very beautiful, a fine large porch on Broadway & long marble Hall. Dr Henick & most of his friends, think he would have done better to take a private office instead of one upstairs in a Hotel. Because it is he seems to have all & more than he can do. I have never seen Dr Leanning looking & feeling better than now--& very buisy [sic]. Mrs. Leanning has been ill about mid summer she & Abby accidentally bumped heads. Soon after--2 weeks--Mrs. Leanning developed persistent dilation of the pupils, partial blindness & cerebral oppression. Gomery has treated her eyes and by rest her vision is much improved, but can read little or endure little without danger--I think she seldom goes out except with the Dr. and Abbey & they are very well. The Dr has clases of physicians at St. Lukes & demonstrates his views. He also reads a paper on "Death [?]" Journal Assoc. next month. The majority of physicians are moaning over hard times & little business. I have had my share of business & collections & now my chief sorrow is that I have been careless in spending and without resources to bridge over a period of hard collecting. Kemp comes in often; he is doing pretty well. Cohen calls occasionally & I have been up to his home to see the Major once.

I found a bill on your old house & the oldest daughter whom I saw said they would sell if they could to advantage--an impossibility just now. When you feel inclined write me & if I can do anything for you here please do command me.
As ever

Your friend

E.D. Hudson

C.B. McQuesten M.D.1

1 For a brief Bio. of Dr. Calvin Brooks McQuesten, please go to "Family" and click on his photo.

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