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W1486 TO DR. CALVIN BROOKS MCQUESTEN From Dr. J. H. Whittemore.
Oct 22 1877
To: Dr. C.B. McQuesten
From: Boston Massachusetts

Massachusetts General Hospital

My dear Mac,

Wonders will never cease. You taking exercise, Oh no! that won't go down. I imagine I see you on that [excision] to the far west on a hunting excursion riding in a palace car or on an easy saddle horse or else in a boat with a stalwart backwoodsman rowing you across some lake or stream, and you call that exercise. I should believe otherwise, had I not so often tried to induce you to walk with me, and the universal reply was Oh! Let's take a car or bus, I chafe so, eh? But I forget four months of nature air may have changed you and now you may be roaming over hill & dale on foot (your own foot) carrying gun or fish rod & with minimal salmon. A few deer [??] quail etc, can I imagine it? Imagination gives it up. Please send me a photo of yourself on a walk in working trim, won't give us a state picture but a live one. You might to have written that you & Moody were taking exercise it wouldn't have been any more to believe than is the first statement. As you made me mention of any company I suppose that you started away alone & at this moment are marching over the forests wild & far away I hope the sun is shining as it has not done here in three day; I sent you some weeks since a med journal with an account of [?] by Dr Prerlee did you receive it? I have been busily at work all summer, having been away but twelve days, which I spent in the White Mts, until recently we have had splendid weather twenty-six succefsive [sic] pleasant & warm days. I am making some changes in the plans of the house, which I hope are to be for the better. My Mother still remains in Canada as do Mr Robinson's people, but expect to leave for the States ultimately. I have not seen or heard a word from any of our old acquaintances for a long time & have but little news to write. I hope to hear from you soon after you return from the hunting trip, if you can stop long enough to write. Should your brother be with you make my very kind regards to him and also to Mr McQuesten.1

Very sincerely yours,

J.H. Whittemore

1 This is a reference to Calvin's father Dr. Calvin McQuesten. At the time of this letter he would have been seventy-six years old. For more information on Dr. Calvin McQ.or Dr. Calvin Brooks McQuesten, see their biographies under 'Family' on the homepage.

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