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W1490 TO DR. CALVIN BROOKS MCQUESTEN from Dr. Henry E. Henderson.
Nov 8 1877
To: Dr. C. B. McQuesten Hamilton Ontario
From: Dr. Henry E. Henderson 784 Lexington Avenue New York, New York

New York, November 8th, 1877
784 Lexington Ave.

My dear 'Mac;'

Yours of the 16th nlt. [sic] "from the home of the partridges, badger- hog, deer, bear & caribou," (to say nothing of the "[?]") has remained unanswered longer than I supposed or intended. I have been very busy, and, in addition, the weather has been so wet and gloomy that all the starch in my composition oozed out, until I felt like a [?] collar in August. [?] soon the weather is fair and cool, but there are [?] also of a coming storm.

We have [?] persons through our ordinary election excitement, I am settling down once more to the ordinary hum-drum of daily routine. Of course you know that John Mamiseng was elected one of our [?] and that thinking [?] met with a disastrous effect. For the latter fact I am thankful, though I cannot glory much in the elevation of Mamiseng. On the whole, I believe the election resulted as well as we have any reason to expect in than [?] which I think may fairly be called "disagreement".

I am glad to learn that you write with no more curious injury in your arm-[?] than a [?] elbow and a [??], both of which are, I trust, well long [?] this. I hope too that you are getting the better of your hard trouble and turning your face wistfully again towards New York. I met Dr. [?] in the [?] a few days ago, and he inquired very carefully after you. The Dr. begins to show his age considerably.

There is no special news in the medical times so far as I know. The colleges have continued as normal, and the classes are, I believe, about as usual. Neither of our N.Y. colleges has had the backbone to follow the example of Harvard & the University of Pennsylvania in the change of curriculum, and I am rather disgusted with the Coll. of Phys. & Surg. for its failure to keep abreast with the demands of the age.1

My famous "Catheter-gouge" was introduced to the profession in the "Review" of Oct. 6th but I do not find any are specially stunned as yet with the brilliancy of the idea. However, orders from Boston and New Orleans, and a letter from the Editor of the "London Medical Record," asking for particulars as to the construction of the gauge, look as though the instrument might after-all prove useful. No one in New York, as far as I know, takes much notice of it.

I have seen nothing of your [?]-bill, or any other bill, though your journals, even [?].

The Wilcox family [?] to me thus far, and "barring accidents," I hope to hold them until your return.

Have you yet formed any definitive plans for the future, and if so do you care to expose them? If you return to N.Y. this winter, you can consider my propositions of last Spring still firm, subject of course to such arrangements as you can make with my landlady. She is something of a fantom [sic], & I believe you would do better with her, if she is under the impression that I am not specially interested. This of course entre nous.

We are all as well as normal. Write as often as you can find leisure.
Sincerely your friend
H.E. Henderson
Dr. C.B. McQuesten
Hamilton, Ontario, Canada.

1 This is a reference to the College of Physicians & Surgeons in New York City, where Calvin Brooks received some of his medical training.

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