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W1541 TO DR. CALVIN BROOKS MCQUESTEN from Dr. Henry E. Handerson
Jun 14 1885
To: Dr. Calvin Brooks McQuesten [New York]
From: 257 Sibley St., Cleveland, Ohio

Dear Mac.;

I have been intending to write to you for the past two days, but so many necessary duties have presented themselves every moment that I have been really unable to find a suitable opportunity.

On my arrival here I took a hasty look at the situation and even arrived at the conclusion to take a horse at once and await further developments. Accordingly I have taken the house in which I am at present residing and am gradually settling down. The house is about 1 3/4 miles from the City-Hall and is easily accessible by two lines of street-cars, one of which passes the door. It is on a corner, contains 11 rooms besides the bath-room, and is tolerably well arranged for a physician. The lot is 50 feet wide by about 175 deep, so that I have an abundance of room. I have not yet put out my shingles, nor do I anticipate doing it before next month at soonest. In fact, my books are not yet all imported, and I am in no hurry to assume that burdens and anxieties of active practises. [sic].1 Cleveland is a beautiful place and I am in a delightful neighborhood, yet I cannot say that I feel quite at home. A natural yearning for the heat and annoyances of New York lingers about me, and if I was not so busy I presume I should be homesick. At present however, I am too busy to write [tons on?] sentiment.

I hear from Mrs. Pratt about once a week, and am sorry to learn that [Britany?] continues miserable. Whether the trouble is moral, mental or physical I am unable to conjecture. Poor Old lady! I feel very sorry for her and cannot forget that she stood faithfully by my little ones while life lasted.

Ettie is as well as possible, sun-burned and hearty but understandably homesick. She will sit down by me for half an hour without saying a word,--a silence in her case more expressive than words. I hope, however, she will soon begin to get acclimated to her new home and renew her hearty spirits.

Tell Mrs. Brodhead that I am very much pleased with "The Gloaming," which occupies the place of honor in the parlor and is very greatly admired. I trust the good lady has a house full and a pocket full to match. The [last? ?] of the past few days however most considerably unsettle boarding New York. How does Frank prosper in the stationery business? What is the name of his latest "mash" and the color of her eyes?

Write as often as you can, giving me all the city-gossip and news. Tell [Harris?] if you see him, that I hope to write to him in a few days. Did you get one of my photos, and what do you think of them? That they flatter me makes me like them now the less of course.

Remember me very kindly to all friends who may enquire of my welfare, and write frequently

Your friend


1 Dr. Handerson is referring to his medical practice. See also W1490, Handerson was a fellow-student with Dr. Calvin Brooks McQuesten in medical school. For Handerson's letters, see W1370, W1373, W1449, W1453, W1490, W1541, W1553, W9021, W9024, W9027, W1474,

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