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W1559 TO DR. CALVIN BROOKS MCQUESTEN from Dr. John Mullin.
Nov 29 1885
To: Dr. C.B. MxQuesten
From: Dr. John A Mullin Hamilton Ontario

Dear Doctor,

I rec'd your note a few days ago- so far all has gone well so far as my patient is concerned.1 As to the affairs I understand that you have been fully informed so it is not necefsary [sic] to say anything.

As to seeing Walker I think on reflection you will see that it would hardly be judicious for me to do so. I have no doubt that as your Agent he will fully inform you of every thing.- The only point as to your coming here seems to me to be this, that here you might be be [sic] able to see just how things stand, and them2 [sic] I did think that it would just add a little gentle prefsure [sic] to keep my patient on the right line. Of course you will best understand how far this is necefsary [sic], but it seems to me that nothing could be more important at the present juncture. But up to the present there has been no indication of a relapsing tendency-

I wrote about the glafs [sic] being left at Ormiston's but the Charltons have come back so please keep the glafs [sic] in your pofsefsion [sic] till you either come back or have a chance to send it- Should you come back we will try to do a little pathologic work. I hope soon to hear from you- Mrs. Mullin joins me in best wishes-

Yours sincerely
John A. Mullin

P.S. Malloch had an amputation at the shoulder joint yesterday- Sarcoma.

1 Dr. Mullin was looking after Calvin Brooks' brother, Isaac who suffered from some form of emotional or psychological distress and, apparantly, substance abuse. He had struggled earlier with alcohol but it appears that Isaac did not successfully defeat his addiction. His personal difficulties were aggravated by financial problems during the 1880's, resulting from unwise business deals which left the family bankrupt after Isaac's death on March 7, 1888. (William Dunn's patents: W2554a; Hespeler mill: W2652; Isaac's declining health and untimely death: W2511, W2520).

2 Mullin is likely referring to Calvin Brooks' family, his brother Isaac, Isaac's wife Mary and their young children who were living in Hamilton.

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