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W1580 TO DR. C.B. MCQUESTEN from Sophie Gaydon.
Apr 15 1886
To: Dr. C.B. McQuesten 15 W 31 New York City
From: Sophie Gaydon Port Jefferson New York

S.S. Norton P.M.
S.J. Gaydon, Asst. P.M.
Port Jefferson,
Suffolk County, N.Y.

April 15, 1886

Dear Dr.

Looking over my letters to-day I found one from you dated April 1/85 & still unanswered, more than a year ago & I have not heard one word from or about you. Oh dear how time flies- So many changes since I last saw you, & I wonder what changes have come to you. Have you forgotten all about your friend? Are you married? I hope you can answer no to both questions. In your last letter you say I will find your address in the Directory. I have sent twice to my sister-in-law to look for your name & both times she has sent the old number, I scarcely know how to find you--Ada is quite well, but her face troubles her very much, she is really unhappy about it at times--Her engagement is broken, I'm thankful to say. I am very much opposed to Mr. Tuthill & with good reason, & she sees now, that I was right in refusing unconditionally to allow her to marry him, he was so unsuited to her in every way. I do not mean to have her life wreched as mine has been, if I can possibly help it--Ada Expects to go to N.Y. the latter part of this month, she has not been in the city since we came from Boston. Says she will give you a call & expects you to be delighted to see her. You will see by the heading of my letter what I am doing. Father is P.M. in name, but I am in reality, I do all the work, managing every thing--The work is exceedingly hard & the hours long from 5:30 A.M. to 9 P.M. I only hope I shall be able to stand it, between 9 A.M. and 12 Mail time. I get a little rest, but after that time its all work. P.J. [Port Jefferson] is a Money Order Office, & that keeps me very busy. We have a very handsome office, beautifully fitted up & all finished in yellow-pine & Ash--I have a pretty sitting room nicely furnished, kitchen, & two very nice rooms up stairs besides a very convenient distributing room & the Main office. I wish you would come & see me, & I really think you might spare me a day or two this spring or summer, you would try if you really wanted to come. I trust you will write soon and tell me all the happenings during the year past. I shall be ever so glad to hear from you again. Did you see the account of Ophthalmic contagion in Asylums in N.Y.? I thought they referred in one instance to an Institution I used to know something about. I was never surprised at anything there after I saw the condition of the plumbing & c.
Ada wishes to be remembered- So do I
Come & see me.

Yours very truly
Sophie Gaydon

[Address on Cover of Letter]
Return to Port Jefferson N.Y. if not called for-
Port Jefferson N.Y. April 15 1886

Dr. C.B. McQuesten
#784 Lexington Ave.
New York City N.Y.

[New Address added later]
Relocated: 15 W 31
Recd. 4/16/86
Ans. 4/24/86

Please forward Mrs Gaydon

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