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On the envelope, the original address (#15 West 31st St. New York City) has been crossed out; postmarked as "forwarded"

Dr. G.O.M.
Recd 11/11/86
Ans 11/30/86


Dr. G.O. Moody
36 E. Main Street,
Titusville, Pa.

W1630 TO DR. CALVIN BROOKS MCQUESTEN from his friend Dr. G.O. Moody
Nov 8 1886
To: Dr. Calvin Brooks McQuesten Dobbs Ferry, N.Y.

My dear Mac.

Your kind and most welcome letter of Oct. 16th came duly to hand but at that time I was making quite extensive repairs on my house with carpenters, plasters, plumbers, painters &c &c to look after, which with my professional business gave me for several weeks no time to answer you!

When I found time I supposed you had left your summer retreat and so time drifted on until now I will address you in your old city quarters. If this does not reach you it will probably be returned to me and I will try again to look you up. I was glad to learn that your health was improved and trust you will entirly [sic] regain this priceless treasure without which there can be very little pleasure in life. I did not cease hoping all summer that you might drift out to us and I honestly think such and entire change with the frugal fare we should give you would do much to recover your health. Certainly we should be delighted to try the experiment. Do you know dear Mac. you are about the only one left of my early and much prized friends to whom I still cling. All the others have broken the old ties--some by forgetfulness but most of them, alas, by death. Let us not drift apart. Bart still keeps up his old friendship and attachment to me but I am sorry to say that he is not doing as I wish he would. Please consider what I say to you about him as strictly confidential, I cling to my old friends and still like Bart and will not desert him so long as there is hope. He married 6 yrs [sic] ago a wealthy widow without children and they have never had any (I think an unfortunate circumstance). She was in all respects a good woman but they were entirely uncongenial and as always must happen in such cases after a time did not live happily. They had everything heart could wish but mutual congeniality. Money does not always "make the heart go" and sometimes makes her go too fast. I fear Bart is drinking too much and his wife makes it worse. I hear whispers of a divorce. I do not know how it will end but fear in no good--Did such a case ever end well? Now my dear friend please let me know if this reaches you and I will not neglect to answer.

My 3 boys grow in body, mind and mischief beyond conception. As soon as I open communications with you again I will send you a photograph of the three.

My wife joins me in expression of much love and hopes of seeing you again. Ever most truly yours,


1 "Parson" was Dr. Moody's nickname within the group of friends that he and Calvin Brooks McQuesten shared. "Mac" or "Mack" was C.B. McQuesten's nickname, and the name by which his friends address their letters to him.

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