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James Chisholm Esq.
Assignee of Estate of I.B. McQuesten1

W1645 TO JAMES CHISHOLM ESQ. from John W. Jones
Jun 18 1888
To: James Chisholm Hamilton, Ont.

Dear Sir:--

Re S.P. Sawyer's Claim

I am informed by Mr. Frank Sawyer that Mrs. McQuesten proposes to assign to Mr. S.P. Sawyer all the Ontario Worsted Co. stock unincumbered [sic] to be held by him as security for the payment of Mr. Sawyer's [LB??] Judgment against I.B. McQuesten: the amount omitted by mistake in recovering the Judgment as per claim filed and the Madoc claim--Re Wood--with interest on all to date provided the settlement between Mrs. McQuesten and Mr. I.B. McQuesten as outlined in your letter to me of this date be carried out by these parties. Mrs. McQuesten further proposes that in the event of the Judgment and Madoc claim not being settled within one year from this date that Mr. S.P. Sawyer shall accept payment of these two claims with interest to date at a rate of 50% on the $. plus interest on the 50% for the year. I am instructed by Mr. S.P. Sawyer to accept Mrs. McQuesten's proposal as above stated. Mr. Sawyer will also consent to withdraw his executions now in the hands of the sheriff of Wentworth as soon as the proposed arrangement between Mr. McQuesten and Mrs. McQuesten is agreed to and carried out and the stock assigned as proposed. I send below statement showing amounts due Mr. Sawyer and referred to in above proposal as payable to him and to be secured by assignment of the stock.

I am

Yours Truly

(sgd) John W. Jones


[??]-fas goods & lands
Amount omitted by mistake
Int on $2298.63 @ 6% from the 28th Oct. 1887 to date 0-7-21
Sheriffs fees
Madoc Claim--re Wood
Int @ 6% from 16th Nov/87 to date 0-7-2

50% of $2690.78
1 yrs int


1 Isaac McQuesten had died only three months earlier on March 7.

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