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Jas. Chisholm B.A.
Barrister &c.
Office Victoria Chambers 31 James St. South

W1658 TO DR. CALVIN BROOKS MCQUESTEN from James Chisholm
Nov 19 1888
To: Dr. Calvin Brooks McQuesten, Dobbs Ferry, New York, U.S.A.
From: 31 James Street South, Hamilton, Ontario

My dear Doctor

I duly received yours of 13th inst. with enclosure and also your authority re Wood note this morning.

I am sorry there is so much trouble about that agreement. There is no necessity of a new copy of the document. If the notary has no seal let him write his name and the County he is a notary for on the seal I have affixed & with this done & the other instructions contained in my last complied with the documents will be completed. As to the clause you wish inserted I cannot say more than I have already said that the agreement with the creditors of H. & McQ.1 provided for the $3700 going to the Estate of H. & McQ. This cannot be altered now; it was consented to by Walker on your behalf & confirmed by you. The position of the [Alexandra] Arcade with reference to that now is: The Can. Life mtge [mortgage] is $13 200 with $3700 secured on farm mtge to be applied in reduction when paid in. The remaining $2000 goes to the Estate of H. & McQ. as I said before.

You must see that it does not lie in my power to guarantee or have Mrs. McQuesten guarantee any thing farther.

I return the document. Please have Notary do as I direct and there will be no necessity of going to New York. Look over instructions contained in my letter returning documents for alterations the last time & kindly forward same as soon as possible.

I put the Bailiff in on the Caledonian [?] the other day & brought them to time. I am getting a good note for the arrears and they are to pay monthly in advance in future.

After all my trouble Gallagher refused to close with me and I am done with him. I will let the Caledonians have their Hall for a period of 6 months from 14th inst. @ $10 per month in advance. This is a slight increase over the old rent.2

Yours very sincerely

Jas Chisholm

1 Encl.

Dr. C.B. McQuesten
Dobbs Ferry
NewYork [sic]

1 Harvey & McQuesten, a cotton and wool mill that Isaac McQuesten was heavily financially involved with from 1881 to about 1887, when the mill went bankrupt. It was one of the major causes of Isaac McQuesten's bankruptcy with $900,000 in liabilities, at the time of his sudden death in 1888. See W2652 for more information.

2 For more about Dr. Calvin Brooks McQuesten's legal and financial issues involving the Alexandra Arcade that was being rented to The Caledonians (the St. Andrew's Society) and Gallagher, see W1652, W1661, W1672, and W1675, and others.

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