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W2059 Dr. D.U. Martin's Principles of Treatment
Jan 1 1900
To: Dr. Calvin Brooks McQuesten
From: 349 Fourth Avenue, Near Twenty-Sixth Street, New York City

Beautiful but "luney" [sic]-Worth preserving as a composition [handwriten comment of Dr. Calvin Brooks McQuesten]

D.U. Martin, M.D.,

349 Fourth Avenue,
Near Twenty-Sixth Street, New York


We are all imperfect in some degree, physically and mentally. The imperfections come to use through disobedience to the laws of nature. To "cease to do evil and learn to do well" is important in Physiology as well as in Religion.

Muscular tissue constituting the greater portion of the body, and its contractility being concerned in almost every function performed, its culture becomes a matter of vital import. And, as use is the only means of growth, we can, by proper exercises, assist nature in the development of the weaker parts of the system. For those suffering from Stiff Joints, Spinal Curvature, Paralysis and other Chronic diseases, special movements are of great importance.

The more perfect the organization of an animal, the more perfect the food it should select. Man, being the highest, needs the fruits, grains, & c., especially students and thinkers. Animals choose by instinct; Man should choose by intellect. Nothing Valuable comes to us but by labor and careful selection.

Dark rooms are unfit to live in! Where an excess of carbonic acid exists in a room, ship's hold, or mine, the rays of the sun, if merely reflected by mirrors, will correct evil. Infants would grow to shapeless idiots without light. Sun baths are valuable in Phthisis, Scrofula, and other diseases. Water, air, and correct habits of breathing, invaluable.

Particular attention given to the improvement of invalids and young persons by special movements, vocal exercises, and light gymnastics, at the office.


In furtherance of the objects of the practice, and for the culture and amusement of those in health, Dr. MARTIN will reopen his Private Classes in light or Musical Gymnastics, in the Hall of the


Sixth Avenue and Forty-second, on the 3d of October, 1867.

Classes for Ladies and Gentlemen on Monday and Thursday evening, and for Misses and Masters on Monday and Thursday afternoons, at 3 o'clock, and on Saturday morning at 10 o'clock.

It is desired to make these classes as select, pleasant, and useful as possible. The hall is the best in the city for the purpose, and of 40 by 80 feet capacity.

The exercises will consist of marches, songs, and light movements, involving the use of every muscle in the body, in time with enlivening music. They promote erectness, symmetry and strength of body; elegance, ease, and endurance of action; richness, flexibility, and resonance of voice; aptness of perception and energy of character.

Every pupil, or the parent, should inform Dr. Martin, by note or verbally, of any weakness, before exercising.

Mrs. MARTIN will assist in teaching Ladies.
Chickering & Sons' Grand Piano used in the Hall. For membership, rules for dress, or engagements to teach in schools or colleges, address or call on

D.U. Martin, M.D.,

349 Fourth Avenue, New York.

From among his many friends and patrons, Dr. MARTIN, by permission, refers to the following:

GARDINER SPRING, D.D., 6 East 37th Street.
SAMUEL OSGOOD, D.D., 154 West 11th Street.
GUNNING S. BEDFORD, M.D., 66 5th Avenue.
E.H. CHAPIN, D.D., 14 East 33d Street
PETER COOPER, Esq., 9 Lexington Avenue.
JER. S. LORD, D.D., 121st Street, near 3d Avenue.
D.E. VAN VALKENBURG, Esq., 532 5th Avenue.
Rev. STEPHEN H. TYNG, Jr., 117 West 43d Street
REV. GEORGE B. DRAPER, 5th Avenue and 130th Street.
REV. CHAUNCY GILES, 43 East 33d Street.
E.B. FOOT, M.D., cor. Lexington Avenue and 28th Street.
S. CONANT FOSTER M.D., 59 West 35th Street. Fowler & Wells, 389 Broadway.
R.C. RATHBONE, Esq., 92 Broadway.
T.H. CHAMBERS, Esq., Bible House.
Principles of Schools in which he teaches.

G.C. ANTHON, Esq., 212 5th Avenue.
E.A. GIBBONS, A.M., 6th Avenue and 42d Street.
M.W. LYON, A.M., 161 5th Avenue.
MADAME VALENCIA, East 124th Street, near 3d Avenue.

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