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[Written vertically at the top of the first page:] Rogers razor

W2326 TO DR. CALVIN BROOKS MCQUESTEN from his brother Isaac B. McQuesten
Feb 11 1873
To: Dr. Calvin Brooks McQuesten
From: Hamilton, Ontario

My dear Brother

It is a feeling of immense relief after eight years of yearly examinations to know that there is never another one to be gone through. I got through better than I expected: did not come out first, but second. As however my successful rival was an old college chum, & a fellow I thought a great deal of, I was not seriously disappointed. Only one unfortunate out of the eight or nine got plucked. I commenced work with Mr. Proudfoot yesterday. This offer is a very fair one, half to himself, a quarter each to Jones & myself. The business--especially the common law side--will bear a good deal of working up. However it is a relief after reading in the house for several months to have the change of good hard office work. As to Mrs. McQ. she has again taken a slight change for the better; but whether it is merely spasmodical [sic] is hard to say. I came home last Saturday. Don't want to have a square talk with her till some evening when father may be out. As I want her to understand he is entirely unmixed up. And if any one [sic] is to have her ill will, I want it to be you & and me and not have father in any way brought in. It is not going to be an Elysium1 for me as long as I am in the house with her. But at the same time she will not run a very easy course unless she makes up her mind to be more endurable. As soon as I speak with her, & have the thing out, I could let you know the result. Father has put her down to her old allowance. She kicked rather hard; left what was her half month's allowance on the piano for a whole day & refused to touch it till it was made up to what she wanted; eventually she was compelled to come to her oats. I think in a week or two I shall be able to send your chain either by Hugh [Tangrieve??] or Wm Brown. Get your monogram cut on the face of the stone. It [wants??] that to make it alright.

Mrs. Mc. I think is beginning to try the game of telling her grievances to her friends. I fear though her occasional outbursts before most of them will destroy her chance. When I get a little more settled I will write you again. We are going to change offices shortly, and am in a rather unsettled state. Let me hear from you when you can.

Truly your brother

I.B. McQuesten

1 In ancient Greek mythology, Elysium was the pleasant resting place of the most blessed few after death. All others resided in the "house of Hades," (often referred to simply as "Hades") which is more akin to the Christian conception of hell than to a place of peace and rest.

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