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W2377 TO MARY J. BAKER [MCQUESTEN] from her fiance, Isaac Baldwin McQuesten
Apr 5 1873
To: Mary Baker, Toronto, Ontario
From: 11 Main St. East, Hamilton, Ontario

Barristers Attorneys-at-Law,
Solicitors in Chancery, &c.
11 Main St. East, Hamilton, Ontario
William Proudfoot, Q.C., John W. Jones
I. B. McQuesten
April 5, 1873

My own honey,

One feels almost afraid to write a letter to a fair one now a day after the two terrible exposes in the Globe Yesterday & the day before. Why, honestly, my love, I would almost rather marry you than have some of my effusions held forth. But I have a like safeguard against you, pet; for on several occasions of late you have been decidedly soft in your manner of address, and you would be ashamed to be exhibited. While I on the other hand, though abounding in my epistles in confessions of manly love, and not at all inclined to silliness, that not being a failing of mine, whether present with or absent from you.1

Do you know, darling one, this getting a house has been a very unfortunate piece of business for me.2 People hearing the place was empty went to the landlord & were sent off with the information that I had the start of others. And not withstanding my assurances that it was to be bachelor's hall, and that my only reason for going away from home was that it sounded better for a man in a business or profession to have a house of his own, they hint that I am lying, and that they know all about it. So then I inform them as a secret that I am to wed a savage maiden the beginning of week after next.

Now the fact is I have a more leaden regard than ever for the truth since hearing George McDonald; but I don't like having people poking their noses into my business; even if it is a subject that everyone has a right to talk about.

I have been busy canvassing this week, or should have written you yesterday. The head-mastership of the Grammar school being vacant, & a friend of mine trying for it, I have been working for him, & both of us to get Teefy in his place. He has the head-mastership now, & we have little fear of succeeding in the latter part of the programme. Teefy is a good fellow, & I should like much to see him here.

I went to see Bell's carpets & curtains the other day. They are very handsome. My idea is not to put up heavy curtains till cold weather, & for that purpose Burson was getting me 2 pair of handsome Swiss lace with figures sewn on. What do you think about it, pet, for it concerns you more than it does me? It seems to me in summer you want everything to look as light and airy as possible.

Today we took dinner by gas light. It was too dark to see to read the paper. The hail was very large and is on the ground still. I wish I could spend tomorrow with you, dear love. It seems always lonely away from you now. I am thankful not to have to feel the time when you will be all mine to love is not very distant. Don't I feel very sad about it, loved one. All I can do to make you happy, & shew myself in some measure worthy of your priceless love, I will do. Ever yours, pet.

I. B. McQ.
[Isaac Baldwin McQuesten]

1 Isaac and Mary were married on June 18, 1873.
Other courtship letters on this site at present are: W2259, W2336, W2337, W2339, W2343, W2344, W2351, W2361, W2364, W2368, W2377, W2380, W2392.

2 Isaac had arranged for a house for his bride on James St. (W2364). However he then found an attached house at No. 1 & 3 Bold Street, and Mary's parents eventually moved into the other part of the house.

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