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W2401 TO DR. CALVIN BROOKS MCQUESTEN from his brother Isaac B. McQuesten
May 29 1873
To: Dr. Calvin Brooks McQuesten
From: Hamilton, Ontario

My dear Brother

After writing you yesterday morning, your letter came to hand. From it I infer you did not intend coming; though you do not say yes or no. However you may change your mind at once. As to the wedding present, that dont [sic] amount to a row of pins. What I want is your etherial [sic] corporation to be present.1 So unless it is going to very seriously put you about in regard to your patients as well as your patience, try and manage it. I will try & send you $100. in two or three days. If you had simply said you had been hard up, I could easily have sent you more. But if you recollect, you said several times that you did not want more sent you than the old amount, as you wanted to feel you must depend some on your own efforts. If you would like more than the $100. say so.

Your friend, Mr. Miller, has not yet made his appearance. I shall do my best to treat him with all hospitality; & will do all you direct. If Mrs. McQ. were away, I should press him to stay at the house all the time he is here; but am not quite sure to venture it. Any way will do all I can, and not let him feel any coolness. Can generally succeed in making fellows feel pretty much at their ease.

Why the mischief didn't you hint to me you have been feeling so blue? If you had, I would have known what caused that letter that I so regret answering in the way that I did. Cheer up, it will not always be so. But I know what it is, & some times feel as if the whole world were conspiring against me. It will do you good to have a change, & come on here.

Fear from what you say Dr. O. [Ormiston] cannot come, yet hope he will be able to. See what you can do with him, but dont [sic] fail yourself. As to what you say about a present; I dont know what answer to make. Will tell you when I write you next time. Scratch me something after getting this & the other. Yours as ever

I.B. McQuesten

1 Isaac is insistent that Calvin attend his wedding to Mary Jane Baker, which occurred on June 18, 1873. Despite Isaac's numerous and insistent invitations, Calvin did not come, see W2408.

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