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W2440 TO DR. CALVIN BROOKS MCQUESTEN from his brother Isaac Baldwin McQuesten
Mar 21 1874
To: Dr. Calvin Brooks McQuesten, New York
From: Hamilton, Ontario

Dear Brother,

The show is over & well over, thank goodness. All your lengthened details fell to the ground. We spent Thurs. evening at Dr. Mullin's. Mary felt splendidly & took a couple of glasses of grape wine;1 about 4 a.m. Friday she had a "stomach ache that that confounded wine must have given me." It cleaned out her internals. About 8.30 a.m. she suggested it might be well for the nurse to call in as possibly it might be something else. She was in some pain. Dr. Mullin came about an hour & a half later. And at 11.30 a.m. it was all over. The real pain only lasted about an hour and a half. She has been first-rate since, & the Dr. & father say the child--a girl--though small is quite healthy. Of all, the one most pleased is father. He has been at the house the greater part of the time since, and seems exceedingly delighted. Our calculations were about ten days or a fortnight astray, but not more. I hope my pet will get safely through. Everything is all that could be desired, & I only trust it will so continue.

So when you come home next time, you can occupy your leisure moments dandling a young one. The most satisfactory matter is that it has a head of black hair. I don't admire red-haired girls. Father felt it duty bound to explain to Dr. M. & the nurse the well known fact of our legacy from Great-grandfather Fisher. I'm pretty busy today with one thing and another so you must excuse this short note. Will drop you a line soon again to let you know all is going well. Mary told me to write you at once to let you know all is well, and sends her love to you.

As ever your

I.B. McQuesten [Isaac Baldwin McQuesten]

1 This is an indication that wine was an acceptable beverage for the McQuesten family even though Mary objected to Isaac's dependency on alcohol, which, untimately was a factor in his death, see W2511, W2520. See Also W6043.

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