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W2442 TO DR. CALVIN BROOKS MCQUESTEN from his brother Isaac Baldwin McQuesten
Jun 3 1874
To: Dr. Calvin Brooks McQuesten, New York
From: Hamilton, Ontario

Proudfoot, Jones & McQuesten
Barristers &c.,


My dear Brother,

You would have heard from me a day or two sooner had it not been that I wanted to inform you for certain about Proudfoot. The matter was virtually decided last week; and it is out in print today. So we will lose his Lordship, the vice Chancellor from our firm, as he must very shortly take up his abode in Toronto.1 Personally I am exceedingly sorry that he is going away. Professionally it will probably hurt me only in so far that I will be deprived of his valuable counsel. Some business I may lose; but not what would nearly equal Proudfoot's share. Burton is moreover appointed junior judge of the Court of Error & Appeal; so that what I have to fear now is not so much superiority of sound legal counsel in the City in opposition to me, as the trickstering which I'm sorry to say our profession is not entirely free from. However I don't despair that I will get along pretty well. In a few days I can write you more definitely.

You spoke of a glass grapery at the orchard. I have frequently thought of it. In fact, there is nearly glass enough in the wood shed for it. But you know father has some unaccountable dislikes that there is little use in reasoning with him about; and growing under glass is one of them; so it is just as well not to talk about the matter.

Mary & Baby are flourishing & doing first-rate. I'm in a stew about a lot of office things. There is such a press just now I can get nothing done. Private--some things are not pleasant to commit to paper--but can you tell me how long I ought to restrain the 'carnal man' on M-'s account; & should the indulgence cause her any degree of harm?2 Put this letter in the bin.3

Ever your brother

I.B. McQuesten [Isaac Baldwin McQuesten].

[P.S.] Cannot find your letter but think you said $70 all you wanted for June. I.B. McQ

1 William Proudfoot Q.C. had been appointed to the Chancery Bench on May 30, 1874 and remained a justice of the High Court of Ontario until his retirement in 1890 (DHB1.166).

2 Isaac is likely asking the advice of his doctor brother about how soon he can resume sexual relations with his wife. Their first child was born March 20, 1874, and the second child was born on May 1, 1876.

3 There are several letters in the archive that carry an instruction such as this one, yet they were preserved. Of course we don't know how many were destroyed.

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