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W2456 TO DR. CALVIN BROOKS MCQUESTEN from his brother Isaac McQuesten
Apr 5 1875
To: Dr. Calvin Brooks McQuesten [New York]
From: Hamilton, Ontario

My dear Brother,

I expected to answer your letter a day or two after it was received, and it was near the beginning of April then, to send your draft along; but the money from which I expected to get this draft delayed from day to day coming in, & so your letter delayed too.

Father was very anxious when he heard of your relapse, but I assured him you would telegraph, or have some one do it for you, if matters became at all serious with you; and I only hope no such telegram may have to be sent. Let us know how you are progressing at an early day.1

As your letter was mostly taken up about matters connected with the first wife's relatives;2 it was more than a day after it arrived that father with a very glum face showed me a couple of lengthy and voluminous epistles from Cyrus Baldwin and one of Isaac Baldwin's daughters--not Sarah Dodge but another.3 So I told him it was rather unfair he should have the worry of answering & that I would attend to both matters, which I propose doing by doing nothing at all. The first went into a homily upon father's duty to his native state, & wound up by saying that the writer did not appeal to men for their fifties or hundreds or thousands, but for their tens of thousands for Kimball Academy. Bully for Kimball Academy! The other said that she was very well off, but her husband would like to effect a loan of about a thousand for a few years, as it would be of benefit to him. Good mortgage security;--as I am not acquainted with laws of Real Estate in Vermont--think it would be best to decline. Protect us from our relatives!

We are enjoying luscious spring weather now. You will probably have a call from Charley Murray before four. The poor fellow is quite used up and in is going to N.Y. Write soon. With best wishes for your health.

As ever your brother,

I.B. McQ. [Isaac B. McQuesten]

1 Dr. Calvin Brooks had suffered a bout of pneumonia in March, 1875, (see W1419). He was ill in May 1877 (W2485), In July, 1877 (W1449) Calvin was still in New York, still recovering, but feeling stronger and planning a hunting trip in the fall, it is not known if her ever made the trip. He came to stay with his brother and family in September 1877, (W1470), but it is not know how long he stayed.

2 "The first wife" refers to Margarette B. Lerned who was Dr. Calvin McQuesten's first wife from 1831 until her death in 1841. The Whitehern Calendar states: "After the death of Elizabeth T. Lerned in 1874 her half-sister, Mrs. Mary Flanders, put in a claim for a share of the little estate. . . .She also tried to induce Dr. Calvin McQuesten and his son Dr. Calvin Brooks McQuesten, her nephew, to do the same, which they refused" (CMQPW 4).

3 Relatives of Estimate Ruth Ester (Baldwin) McQuesten, Dr. Calvin's second wife. Cyrus Baldwin was one of her brothers; Isaac may have been either her father or her brother.

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