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Six Engineer reports were fastened together into one document, which have been indicated here for clarity.

Jul 21 1879
To: Isaac Baldwin McQuesten

Credit Valley Railway.
Engineer's Office.
Toronto July 21st 1879

Dear Sir

In answer to your letter of the 9th inst. asking me to give an opinion on the "Dunn Automotive Car Coupler"- I have seen the coupler in use on some of the cars belonging to the 9th Western R. Co., and have no hesitation in saying that it is, as good a Coupler as I have yet seen on any of the cars either in this country or the U. States and think that by its adoption on other roads its would be the means of saving a great many lives- More especially in winter as it does away altogether with the necessity going on the tops of in between the cars.

Yours truly,
J.C. Bailey
Chief Eng. C.B.R.
W. A. Saw Esq.

Dennis Moore
Wm [?] Robinson

Office of D. Moore & Co.,
Iron Founders, Manufacturers and Importers.
Stoves, Tin, Copper, Iron, And Stamped Ware.
(Office and Wareroom: 100 King St. East. Foundry: 110 Catharine Street.)
Hamilton, Ont. February 13th 1877.

John Alanson, Esqre. City

In answer to your inquiree [sic] on the subject I beg to say that in August last I saw in operation and examined Dunn's Patent Self Acting Car Coupler applied to two Cars on the Hamilton and Lake Erie Railway in this City, and have no hesitation in pronouncing it one of the best Self Acting Railway Car Couplers that has been brought to my notice and consider that it covers all that is wanted in an Automatic Railway Car Coupler, both as to safely to Employers and economy in time occupied in making up Trains.

Wm Robinson [Signature]
Late Mechanical
Great Western Railway.

Great Western Railway of Canada.
Superintendents Office,
Hamilton, Ont. 10th March 1879

Wm. John Alanson
Commifsion [sic] Agent

Dear Sir,

Replying to yours of the 25th [?], we had two of our cars fitted with "The Dunn Coupler" and they have now been running for some time. They have been spoken of very favorably and I have no doubt that if generally adopted they would be found to work satisfactorily.

Yours faithfully,
[Signature] [?].

Hamilton July 5th 1877

A year ago last May, "Dunn's Car Couplers" were put on some of the H & L. E. cars, and it is my duty to inspect all the cars that run over this road. Therefore seeing the different Couplers in use, am able to judge of their merits by comparison, and I have no hesitation in pronouncing , "Dunn's" the best and only complete "Self Acting Car Coupler" I have ever seen, and its satisfactory working for the last 14 months proves its completeness. I might add since this Coupler has been in use over this line, several other so called self acting car couplers, have been tried, but all failed to work, and had to be taken off, while the first mentioned have always given entire satisfaction both in working and durability.
Martin Carpenter
H. N.W.Ry.

Hamilton, Ont.

Having worked for years at railroad work, and having seen and made many Gearheads [?], and having made the [?] for "Dunn's Patent Coupler" and having seen them in operation, consider them the most effective for rapidity in coupling, strength, and freedom from danger to Employees, of any that I have seen.
Isaac Andette, Foreman

I. Andette
Foreman of Blacksmith Department

Hamilton & North Western Railway,
General Superintendent's Office
Hamilton 9th March 1877.

Dear Sir,

Some time ago, we had W. Dunn's Automotive Car Coupler attached to two of our Box Cars with the view of testing practically the merits of his Patent. We found it to answer admirably to every respect, and I can recommend it as the best & most efficient Automotive Car Coupler I have yet seen. It saves time when shunting and working as it does from the side and roof of the car, it reduces very considerably the risk to which Train Men are exposed in the coupling & uncoupling of cars.

Yours truly,
A.A. Anderson,
The Hanson Esq. City

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