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[written sideways at bottom corner of second page:]
Wm. Dunn
Agree't re patents

W2628 TO ISAAC B. MCQUESEN from William Dunn
Dec 11 1883
From: New York


I William Dunn in consideration of the sum of Six Hundred (600) Dollars to me paid by I.B. McQuesten of Hamilton Canada do agree to devote six (6) months time and services to prosecuting the sale of the following Patents, to wit, Patent for Car Coupler. Patent for Seale [sic] Lock, Patent for Band Saw Sett and a Patent for a Steam Boiler Feeder all of which were granted to the said William Dunn and assigned by him to the said I.B.McQuesten with the understanding that the said William Dunn should receive certain proportion of the receipts resulting from the sales of such Patents. It being further understood if the said William Dunn does not at the expiration of Six (6) months (6) [sic] effect a sale of such Patents or a portion thereof for a sufficient sum to reimburse the said I.B. McQuesten for all the outlay that has been incurred in connection with said Patents. Then the said William Dunn relinquishes and forfeits all claims to any profits that might thereafter be derived. But if the said William Dunn succeeds in disposing of the Patent or a portion thereof for a larger sum than the outlay beforementioned. Then the said William Dunn, is to receive after deducting the outlay, his full share of the profits as was originally agreed on when the several patents were issued.1

William Dunn

1 This is an agreement between Isaac and Dunn that they had begun to discuss a week earlier (W2625). Isaac had been providing Dunn with funding to patent, manufacture and sell train car couplers and other machines but Dunn was never able to make much of a profit and Isaac and his brother Calvin Brooks became quite impatient with this lack of success. When Dunn did not live up to the agreement in a timely fashion, the brothers considered launching a lawsuit but it is not clear whether or not they in fact did so. See W2609, W2648, W2643, W1726, W2683, W1734, W1745, W1749 for more on this agreement and the lawsuit. See W2554a for more on the McQuestens' business relations with Dunn.

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