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Jun 4 1888

In the matter of the estate of John Harvey and Issac.B. McQuesten lately trading under the name of Harvey and McQuesten.1

I, Frank Jessep Rogers of the City of Hamilton Accountant of the Bank of Montreal at Hamtilon make oath and say;-

1--I am the accountant of the Bank of Montreal at Hamilton and have a knowledge of the matters herein disposed to.

2--That John Nicholas travers made an affidavit in this matteron the fifteenth day of November last and I crave leave to refer to the same and the paper writing marked "A" therein referred to.

3--The Bank of Montreal after due advertisement offered the mills and premises at Hespeler comprised in their mortgage security for sale at Hespeler on the twenty second day of November last and the highest bid at the auction sale was sixty thousand dollars and for the purpose of ranking on the assigned Estate and receiving the first dividend thereon on the Bank value the security they hold on the said mill and premises for the said mortgage debt at the sum of seventy thousand dollars. The Bank are willing to fix the value of the said mill and premises at such sum and rank on the Estate for the balance of their mortgage debt receiving from the assignee a release to them of his equity of redemption in the mill and premises comprised in the Mortgage or the Bank will accept a dividend based in the meantime on that value of their security but subject to having their ranking increased or reduced accordingly.

4--As to the items referred to in subdivision (a) of the second paragraph of the former affidavit made by the said J.N. Travers all the bills and notes so referred to have been paid with the exception of those set out in the annexed paper writing marked "X."

The Bank claim to rank on the Estate of Harvey and McQuesten and to received dividends on the full amounts of all such several bills and notes as are overdue and that they have already so claimed as to some of these and as to the promissory note of T.R. Jones & Co. for $167.80 due 3rd August 1888. They claim to rank for the full amount thereof placing no value on the liability of T.R. Jones & Co. and they value the liability of Daniel & Boyd on the two promissory notes made by them at the amount of such promissory notes and the bank do not claim against the assigned Estate in respect of such two notes.

5-- The bank claim the full amount of the items (b) in the affidavit of 15th November 18872 less $38. the amount of the Vickerman note which has been paid.

6--The Bank make no claim against the said Estate in respect of the items (c) in the said affidavit.

7---The bank claims to rank against the said Estate for the Following amounts--

In respect of the Mortgage debt in the second paragraph mentioned the
Sum of............................................................................

Less valuation..................................................................

Amount of Schedule "X"....................................................
Items "B" in affidavit of 15th November 1887....................
$103 463.98

$70 000.00
$33 463.98
$ 5 674.00
$ 18 709.05=57,847,01

Sworn before me at the city of
Hamilton in the County of Wentworth

This 4th day of June 1888

) (sgd) F.J.Rogers
) Accountant

(sgd) J.A.Culham

A Commr. etc.

Schedule "X"

T.R. Jones & Co.
D. Kitchen Bal
J.G.H. Brown & Co.
John Greene & Co. Bal
W.J. McMaster & Co.
Lindsay Gilmour & Co.
B.A. Smith

$8 616.41
$5 674.00






1 Isaac McQuesten and John Harvey were partners in the operation of the cotton and wool mill in Hespeler Ontario from 1881 until approximately 1887 when the mill went bankrupt. Isaac died within a year and his widow Mary Baker McQuesten (and their six children) and half-brother Dr. Calvin Brooks McQuesten were left to clean up the financial mess afterwards. See W2652 for more on the Hespeler mill.

2 See this statement at W2691.

This transcription also includes W2705 and W2706

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