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[Thos. S. Ormiston S. Clarence Dorsett]

[Written at side of last page:]
31/5/89 Ormiston & D.
Re Kimbel

W2711 TO JAMES CHISHOLM From Ormiston & Dorsett
May 29 1889
To: James Chisholm
From: 7 Nassau Street, New York, New York

Dear sir

We are happy to bring the [Kimbel?]1 matter to a close. As we wrote to you, our judgement was that [Kimbel?] was as likely to pay the whole as part. The note was dated March 14th and was for $700.00, that is it was to include in its face, the unpaid interest upon the old note less $27.16, which [Kimbel?] at that time paid cash, and which we sent you by our Mr. Ormiston's check of March 2nd. [Kimbel??] has now "struck it rich." Thanks to a clever Jew Lawyer of this city, not only has his Harvey Peak Tin Mining Company2 been put on its legs by English capital, but he has also made not a little through the same attorney, in the sale of Breweries to British capitalists, and has in addition found that the Canada Panorama pans out well. We met him several times on the road in too nice a rig to be hired from a livery stable, and accordingly we suggested that he had better pay in full and on Monday last he gave us his check for $710.00 the amount of his note with interest to date.

As we wrote you our Mr. Ormiston has directed that there should be no charge whatever in this matter, that he is only too glad to be able to do a trifling act of kindness for the benefit of his friend's widow,3 and we enclose his check on his New York bankers for the full amount received by him.

Very Truly yours

Ormiston & Dorsett

Mr. Dalton

1 This name is very difficult to read. It is most likely "Kimbel," but may be "Knubel." See also W4347 on the same subject of paying a further balance owing.

2 This may be the same Harvey with whom Isaac McQuesten, Chisholm's late law partner, had jointly operated the cotton and wool mill in Hespeler Ontario, see W2652.

3 Possibly Mary Baker McQuesten. Isaac McQuesten had died on March 7, 1888, and James Chisholm, Isaac's law partner, helped take care of the McQuesten's legal concerns. See W2520.

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