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W2776 University of Toronto, Requisition by the Convocation to Isaac Baldwin McQuesten.
Mar 23 1881

University of Toronto

The following requisition has been presented to Mr. I.B. McQuesten, and it is hoped that he will allow himself to become a candidate: To I.B. McQuesten, Esq., M.A. Hamilton.

Sir: We, the undersigned members of convocation of the University of Toronto, respectfully request you to allow yourself to be nominated as a candidate to fill one of the vacancies about to occur in the office of a member of the Senate, and we hereby pledge ourselves to support you at the coming election:

Thos. Miler, M.D.
A. De. La Haye, M.B.
John Muir, M.A., LL. B.
J. White, jr. M.A.
Edward Furlong, LL. B.
E. O’Neil, M.D.
W. Fred. Walker, M.A. LL. B.
A. Woolverton, M.A., M.D., C.M.
G.M. Shaw, M.B.
John W. Hones, LL. B.
James White, M.A. M.D.
Alexander Robinson, M.B.
W.H. Ballard, M.A.
T.C.L. Armstrong, M.A.
George Patterson, M.A.
H.S. Griffin, B.A., M.B.
James Chisholm, B.A.
Geo. S. Papps, LL. B.
H.S. Brennen, B.A.
F.H. Wilson, M.B.
M.M. Sutherland, B.A.
Chas. Robertson, M.A.
D.K. Clarke, B.A.
James Anderson, M.B.
P.S. Campbell, B.A.
D. Black, B.A.
H.J. McDonald, B.A. Toronto.
J.E. Graham, M.D. Toronto.
W.G. McWilliams, B.A. Toronto.
J.A. Paterson, M.A. Toronto.
W. Watt, B.A., LL. B., Brantford.
J. Taylor, M.A., London.
A.E. Richards, M.A. Brockville.
Geo. Bruce, B.A. St. Catherines.
W.A. McKay, B.A. Woodstock.
H.B. Spotton, M.A., Barrie
C. Hamilton, M.A., M.B, Port Hope.
J.G. Kilmaster, B.A., Simcoe.
G.B. Squire, B.A., Fitzroy Harbour.
Linus Woolverton, M.A. Grimsby.
Jeffrey Hill, M.A., Seaforth.

Toronto University
Election 1881

Instructions for filling up voting paper.
The elector may vote, for one, two, or three candidates, who must have been previously nominated, [Mr. McQuesten has been nominated.]

The date filled in must not be prior to 14th of April; and can be any date between that and 4th of May.

If the voting paper is sent to the Registrar, it must come into his possession not earlier that the 27th day of April, nor later than noon of 4th of May. To obviate all difficulty on this score, electors may return the voting papers accompanying these instructions at any time prior to 27th April or 4th May, to I.B. McQuesten, Barrister, Hamilton, Ontario, or to the undersigned.

Ghent Davis
c./o. Messrs. McDonald & Paterson
Toronto, Canada.

N.B. Payment of Convocation fees as a pre-requisite to voting has been abolished by statue of 1881.

University of Toronto
Election 1881.

I, ___________(degree) of the University of Toronto, resident at _______ in the County of _________do hereby declare:-

I. That the signature affixed hereto is my proper handwriting.
II. That I vote for the following persons as members of the Senate of the University of Toronto, viz:-

Isaac Baldwin McQuesten, M.A. of Hamilton, in the County of Wentworth.

III. That I have signed no other Voting Paper at this Election.
IV. That this voting paper was executed on the day of the date hereof.

Witness my hand this_______day of _______ A.D., 1881.

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