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May 30 1869 [Estimated Date]1
From: University of Toronto, Toronto, Ontario


With cap and gown and sagest looks,
His pipe laid down, ditto his books,
With solemn pace each took his place,
Where figures strange the walls did grace
And signs most cabalistic.

Ladies were there all bright and fair,
Sometimes by chance, a Soph a glance
Would catch from eyes for which he sighs;
Sweet "Highest Educationists,"
In '-ologies well versed, in 'isms and 'ists,
Stars comets and eclipses.

Oldwright was there, he took the chair,
That learned 'Pill' it well did fill;
He called in Black who led the attack;
Ingenious, Cumming answered back,
With reasons physiologic.

But let me stop, a hint to drop
of what, pro & con, they debated on,
We 'code de Nap' some said would sup,
And kill each flower from freedom's bower,
That e'er may bloom in La Belle France.

Mister Casey, so cool and airy,
Of 'coup de tays' and such like ways
of which we hear, a few each year,
Explained the rise, as clouds from skies,
They'll pass he said, and freedom shine.

Said Mr. Reesor--this modern Caesar,
Napoleon Third, of whom we've heard
Can only rule his noisy school
With guns and swords and lying words;
Unfit for Magna Chartas.

Dr. Ballantine came next in line;
History's lore he stoutly bore
To gain his end, and to defend
The men whom he said ne'er could be
Drunk slaves, the Parlez Vouses.

Him we all cheer, but next we hear,
The words of Mac, which never lack
For skill or thought, vainly he fought
To win with pride and stem the tide
That rose for France and freedom.

Dismissa est! With laugh and jest,
At half past ten we pass again
From college walls, the much loved walls;
Whatever befalls; where'er she calls
We'll muster round these dear old walls


1 The date was estimated by the context. Isaac graduated from the University of Toronto in 1869, see note at W2720.

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