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Dec 1 1875

[This letter is overwritten but the overwritten text is the same as what is in the letter].

Brantford Dec 14th

My Dear Mary

I am sorry you must have felt greatly difsapointed [??] at not seeing us last week, but you know how frequently I have been and disappointed about coming down therefore you will not suppose it was my fault. I fear I harassed you by mentioning the Sat but it was quite a mistake it safely arrived and Mrs H was very much pleased with her [absefs?] we are very pleased with you. Daddy's account of you I told Mrs. Jones of it and she sent from Montreal to save postage to the Society you may judge of the number distributed from the size of the parcel you sent this is all we have left and I hope you will be able to get them off.

I have finished Ms to [??] all but the border which I commenced today give my kindest love to her and receipt the same from
Your affectionate sister.

would not ask to see it through I had it in my home or make the heart remark upon it every one else was pleased with it.

We had a teachers interesting last week and luck was the selfishnefs [sic] and opposition manifested toward the [massing?] school that it has redoubled our goal and we are determined it shall go on we had great difficulty to get there promise of a small reward book at the beginning of the year Frederic and Mrs Day have now organized the school we are in for time to commence at 1/2 past [g?] and to give tickets for early attendance and good lesfons [sic] I bought out all that would be obtained here and now wish you to send me half a dollars worth of small ones with a verse of scripture on and half dollars worth of these with a picture on such as Mr. Walker shell get them as cheap, as you can for I know these will be a fufs [sic] about it I wish you were here to help us F is superintendent and he had only John McKay to help him at [President?] at the meeting an [named?] how the member in public vows proposed but as one wished the catechism introduced but pafs [sic] was determined to have it but in spite of all this we had 48 children yesterday and the bustle came to help as I have been collecting with great succefs [sic] for the last seventy not quite finished yet but have 6 at mass and 5/4. Mamma was not very well yesterday she has taken cold but better today I am going to see her as soon as I get this off I do not know when you write her us down but I hope before long you may depend on it I shall not, let frame without me and do tend the tickets as soon as possible we cannot have them this week.

Thomas Mary & Sarah were down yesterday but I did not see them they were not down in time for Church to I did not know of it take too late they are shamefully negligent of church all of them.

The letters I enclose are from the O B mifsionary [sic] society and I think you have another opportunity of sending them there we they I have not a one do say so you may keep the other till I see you.

1 The year is an approximation. Text is overwritten ansd very difficult to read and transcribe.

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