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W2816 T. Lewis to Rev. Thomas Baker.
Jan 1 1900

Islington Augt 4th

My dear sir,

I do sincerely sympathize with you and in the bearing strike which has been uphold & I can do so especially causing sorrow in two instances. What such visitation are - But really there is where property considered more severe for comfortable then condolence for it we believe, as we are warranted to do in the subtractive of imparts, is it not matter of rejoicing that they have escaped the dangers & snares of the [??] & me admitted to the heavenly cost wherefore comfort yourself & you believe partner with the thought are have a held in harm a part of ourselves is gone before us to the mansions of Stovel blifs [sic] tho a Christian must smile say in influence to his blefsed [sic] & Divine saviour when have I in heaven but thee be cannot forget that he but one near & dear to him by the ties of native there also. "Lord may find you Anew" is siftons in all her Boys & truly in all his work & he does not & cannot afflict willingly or fire the children of men therefore it became his people to say whatever maybe the case with others. The Lord love I the Lord hath taken away, & obliged be the name of the Lord." May the visitation be sanctified to you & yours & to the people away so how you sojourn & may you have reason 'ere long to acknowledge that it is away the things that work together for good.

Two engagements from which I cannot be pleased one in the morning & the other in the craving will front my big present at the coming & I am sorry to say that the few friends that used to attend are either at the seaside or so accepted or to be unable to be useful I have handed [??] six pounds towards the collection to [??] who precede me with a cale their morning form where I am pleased to find about fifty pounds all going from Tram Chapel He is another friend but if he does not in confounding efforts on the part of the people at D & a disposition to attend on such tensions & come forward to aid the cause, I am much afraid that became will not continue his executions me Hislops distance I fear is against his asking much could not wait [??] therefore attend to the yearning matters you know them be the effort it seems possible that they will be more efficient than one who does not if they would be time enough to undertake it.

The day I've now start will make forty six tho my hands since your going to D which is more than I enjoyed for, but I hope it will be met with corresponding exertions by the people I remain yours truly,

T. Lewis

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