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W2823 Henry Wilkes to Rev. Thomas Baker
Jan 10 1838

Montreal 10th January 1838

My Dear Brother,

I must apologize for the delay with have around with replying to your favour of 21st Oct. I needed to hear from Wm Roof to whom I had previously written, and I was last week & 3 miles. How the Country breaking at a large settlement there.

I heard of your movement from F Armiston, before I heard from you. He makes no remark on it, merely informs me of the fact and that Union Church will not look to the Colonial Missionary Society for aid. I returned a short reply in Wch I observed that are I had not heard from you, it would not of course be proper to express any opinion on the matter.

M Roof, as I supposed permits, has asked my opinion as to the propriety of existence to sustain you a Kingston, and attempts the establishment of a congregational interest there. I have written him in reply namely recommending the course. As I had communicated the Kingston application to the committee at home issued on receiving yours as I am writing at any rate I lead the whole subject before the Committee Honestly entreats efficient afsist [sic]. I am persuaded of the importance of sustaining such a movement in a place like Kingston, and I have written on one thus considered. I have no doubt whatever that an application will be responded to of that you will be made comfortable. But what will you do for a permanent place of worship? This, I imagine will and the mean time constitute your chief differently I suppose you have only temporary provision of the Methodist (Episcopal) Chapel I wish you my dear brother the friends with you the chariest blessings from heaven in your efforts to promote the glory of God in the [??] if the edification of the Lord's people. I suppose Union Church is formally closed.

The large parcel of tracts I rather think did come from me but if, you ought to have had it in July last. I sent parcels from Hamilton to several brethren & I think to you anon, the surrender. They were to have been sent by the next trip of "the laboring", and I think put the name of the StrainBort on them if you have an opportunity ask fruith for the parcel containing the Hymn Book. Next time I write him I will resend him. You ought to have had it long since.

We are still at peace here. I journied the distance a far to above, alone this the French Country—Spread all quiet. We are much excited here about Upper Canada, and the scandalous past the Americans are playing. Deliver us from such pure! Democracy! I love the British Constitution more very [say on??] I observe the evils of republicanism, Canada, I fear, would for many years he a sad place as a republic.

Please present our affect regards to Mrs Baker & family with the company of the season.

I remain
My dear Brother
Yours, affectionately
Henry Wilkes

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