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W2906 TO REV. THOMAS BAKER from his son David Bogue Baker
Jun 6 1855
To: Rev. Thomas Baker, Newmarket, Canada West
From: Mankato South Bend of St. Peters, [Minnesota, United States]

Lieut.1 Thomas Baker

My dear Father,

Your long forgotten and Prodigal son has come to the conclusion that he has done wrong and very wrong in pursuing the course he has done contra to the will and better judgement of an offended Father. I am now at the South Bend of the Minnesota river, in the handsomest country I ever saw, I have got a splendid claim, Spring, Timber, and Prairie all together the requisites for a good farm, there is a trading post close by my claim and as boarding was $4.00 per week and I can get $25.00 per month and board in the trading house I went to work. What constitutes a claim is the puting [sic] up of a house and marking out 160 acres of land lying in a square body. For the past two years and a half I have been surveying nearly all my time geting [sic] from 25.00 to 30.00 per month. I was Employed by the Hon. H. Nowlin who allways [sic] treated me with the greatest kindness and at whose house I was introduced to Senator Dodge, and many other of Iowa's distinguished men, and whose influence I think will be of some advantage to me in the future. Last winter I bought a set of instruments of my own and started surveying on my own account in Mitchell County but the snow fell so deep that it turned out quite a loosing [sic] game for [me?]. If nothing very unforseen hapens [sic] you will see me this next winter mentally and bodily a very much improved boy. I trust you will leave the past in the dark shades of oblivion and look forward with me to a brighter Future. Remember me to Mrs. Baker and Mary.

And believe me to Remain

Your most afct. [affectionate] and in future

Dutyfull [sic] son

D.B. [David Bogue] Baker2

[Note at top of letter]: Answered 21 June 1855.

1 Rev. Thomas Baker had been a Lieutenant in the Royal Navy before he became a minister.

2 In 1851, David left for the states unexpectedly and without asking his father's permission. See W2896.

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