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W3097 TO REV. THOMAS BAKER from his daughter-in-law Maria [Mudge] Baker
Jun 4 1877
To: Rev. Thomas Baker, Hamilton, Ontario
From: Burwell Street, Upper Town, Paris, Ontario

Dear Father,

I received your kind letter containing fifty dollers we are all very thank full for it1 we are much pleased to think you talk of visiting us we will be glad to see you at any time you may see fit to come we are very compatable and we will try to make you comfortable the children can hardly wait untill you come they have all been poorly but Lottie [Maud?] was very bad with something like measles I took her to the Docter and he gave her some medicine and she is quite better now. They are all nearly well as they went to school today again they all had to have medicine from the Docter. They attend school church and sunday school regular only when sick our fire has never been emty since we started to church last sunday had the least there was only [Alice?] lottie and myself but I hope it will be better in the future. Hattie is well pleased with her school and seems well outfitted the children try to get along poor william he is not very anxous I keep him regular at school and do all I can for him to learn. Maud and lottie was up to John on queens Birth day they were all well. we cannot say much in favor of our garden and it has been so dry but when you come you will see for yourself.

Miss Sarah Baker is stopping at Mr. Choces in Paris alice was down to her uncles at St. Gorge [St. George] last week and Mrs Tuck was there she said [Minnie?] was well and very happy there2 I am pleased to know she likes it there I have not had time to go to pay the rent yet as I got you letter [Saturday?] after noon but as soon as I get it I will send you the receipt I have not much to write but hope to see you before long I hope you will remember us in your prayrs we have need of them. the children all write with me in kindest love and many thanks for your great kindness to us

I hope this will find you all well grandchildren and all, I am as ever

your affectionate and thankfull Daughter in law

Maria (Mudge) Baker3

1 The letter contains many errors in spelling and punctuation. The transcription is true to the original. For ease of reading, we have omitted the usual [sic] indications for errors.

2 Sarah Baker and Mrs. [Eliza?] Tuck are likely Rev. Baker's granddaughters, the children of his son Thomas Hampson Baker. Thomas Hampson Baker resided in St. George. Mrs. Tuck seems to have resided in Mount Brydges.

3 Maria (Mudge) Baker "inherited" seven stepchildren in 1876 after the death of her husband, James Alfred Baker. Her father-in-law, Rev. Thomas Baker, provided her with financial support as she was still caring for the most of the children. However, in 1878, her eldest stepchild, John P. Baker, reported to Rev. Baker a rumour that Maria was keeping gentlemen callers for undue lengths of time and, as a result, the Reverend removed the children from Maria's care. See W3155 for details.

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