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[Included below is a note on the envelope in Rev. Baker's handwriting.]

W3114 TO REV. THOMAS BAKER from his son Thomas H. Baker
Oct 3 1877
To: Rev. Thomas Baker, Hamilton, Ontario
From: St. George, Ontario

Dear Father,

Since the death of my poor Brother Alfred, I have been more impressed with the brevity of life & certainty of death than prior to that melancholy occurrence & now only last week was John's wife called into the presence of her Maker. These rapidly recurring events in the family convince me of the sin & folly of nursing feuds & disagreeaments [sic], more particulary [sic] of such, holding the relationship (Nolens volens) as must naturally subsist between us. Alas, there is but three of our original family left, & one of these in a foreign land, you & I only in Canada, & not even on speaking terms. Often have I thought over our unfortunate meeting at Princeton, Father & Son, almost in presence of death, & that too of a very dear member of the family to us both, with shame, & have concluded that my filial duty required that I should address you, & express my sorrow if by any fault of mine I have been the occasion of this unseemly & unnatural state of affairs, & to at the same time I beg of you to accept the assurance of my sincere regret for any thing I might have said or written to you unbecoming or derogatory for a Son to address to his Father. Time is short & which of us might be next called is uncertain. I feel however that in endeavouring to restore harmony between the only living representatives of the original family as came to this country, I am performing a sacred duty, & do most sincerely trust you will accept this in the same spirit in which it is written, so that should chance ever cause us to come together again in this world, we may meet with pleasure, & part with regret. Hoping you & yours are well

I remain your aff'cte Son

Thos. Baker

Revd Thos Baker

[Note on envelope by Rev. Baker:]
From Thos Baker
Y.S. St. George Co Brant
and reply October 20th 1877-- Subsequent conduct of this man favored what Alfred told me of him. He was in his own estimation "very wrong". He annoyed [?] did not think any thing more of it, but they did not forget it.1

1 See Rev. Baker's reply to this letter W3117.

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