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[Notes written by Rev. Thomas Baker on the envelope have been included below the letter.]

W3196 TO REV. THOMAS BAKER from John Puckridge
May 13 1878
To: Rev. Thomas Baker, 3 Bold Street, Hamilton, Ontario
From: Brantford Township, Ontario

Mr. Thos. Baker,

Dear Sir,

Your favor of the 9th I have received and in reply1 beg to show you in a few lines the present position in which I am now placed, as regards the children of my deceased sister.

Minnie is still with us having by John's persuasion taken charge of his little boy and is waiting for her brother to obtain a home of some description (probably two or three rooms) that she may keep house for him. Her cousin Mrs. Tuck would gladly have taken her, but she could not go without the child, and to this Mrs. T. objected, therefore they are still with us. I think the thought of going back to her cousin's (Mt. Bridges) is abandoned [.]

I have always felt that my parents should take some responsibility in regard of these Grandchildren, but I assure you that all remarks of that duty, and lately any allusions thereto have found no favor with my step-father who has the control of the whole of the means of our family. My health is very indifferent and we have a family of 7 children & although I certainly desire to do any thing that we are able to facilitate yr. [your] movements in this painful matter, which has been previously considered with Mr. Hart, I am at the same time conscious that the responsibility in a great measure, will rest on the backs of myself & wife.

I agree with you to some extent, "that is so far as to consider that Maude should now be able to render service Equivalent to her board, clothing &c." and also that Willie should yet continue his studies, but farther having children of our own I shall not require any extra help nor do I really Estimate their assistance of any real value.

Having endeavoured to express my views with which my wife coincides, it only remains to observe that we think for the period of two or three years at least $100.00 should be an estimate of the amt. for care and general necessities of the case, either of Willie alone or in conjunction with Maude.

Mrs. P. would like Maude to live with us; my unfortunate mother has expressed that wish, but we have hardly room until John shall provide for his child and Minnie is free or her place here vacant.

Should you on consideration think my offer a reasonable one, I shall at once on hearing from you, desire John to make some arrangement for his child and that will lessen responsibilities & simplify matters very much. I regret to add that were it not for circumstances I am unable to control, we should not allow the thought of remuneration to arise in this matter.

I remain with our Kindest regards,

Yours respectfully,

John Puckridge

[Below are the notes written by Rev. Baker on the envelope. The original notes are partially difficult to decipher.]

All of importance take care
Jno. [John] Puckridge & answer 13 + 15 & 1 May 9, 78
Letter to
T.H. Baker
May 15th & his reply


May 20 to Jno. [John] Puckridge
accepting his terms for2
William & Maude Baker
June 5 acknowledgement of each & Post Office order for 25 dollars
1st installment of $ 100--per annum

1 This letter is in reply to W3195.

2 John Puckridge was the maternal uncle of Rev. Baker's grandchildren. In Rev. Baker's draft of the letter dated May 15, 1878, he declines John Puckridge's offer and decides to apply to his son Thomas Hampson Baker to see if he will take the children (see W3201, W3202, W3203). In W3203, dated May 20, 1878, Thomas offers to take the girl but not the boy, and states that, by his observation, the children are already in a good home with their step-mother. Then on May 20, 1878 (W3205) Rev. Thomas Baker accepts John Puckridge's offer to take the children, Maude and William, at $100.00 per annum for both children.

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